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Tonight is the Night! NBA Tip off!!!  The teams have been working hard in the off-season and are fired up to be on the court tonight for the start of the 2010- 2011 NBA Season. As we all know many of your favorite players may not necessarily be on your favorite team still. Most notably Lebron James making the move- heard- round- the world, to the Miami Heat. We will see tonight if  Wade, Bosh, and James can live up to the hype!

Here’s tonight’s Schedule:  Tuesday, october 26, 2010

7:30 ET: Miami Heat Vs. Boston Celtics

10:00pm ET: Portland Trail Blazers Vs. Phoenix Suns

10:30 ET: Houston Rockets Vs. Los Angeles Lakers



NIKE aka Captain “Save-a-PRO”

Posted: October 25, 2010 by NattieLiz in Lebron James, Miami Heat

It is not something new for athletes to come into the spot light, shake things up and ask for redemption from fans. Earlier this year it was Tiger Woods, for a much more extreme offenses but in came Nike PR with attempts to save his butt. They still put out the commercial that featured Tiger’s late father, speaking to him basically from the grave. No intelligent person felt bad for Tiger, but its goal to stroke an emotional cord with fans was clear. It made light of the issue and was a straight shot to reveal that even Tiger Woods is only human.

Nike comes at us again, this time to save Lebron James. The new commercial addresses every rumor, every name in the book he has been called, and every issue that surrounded his decision to go from Cleveland to the Miami Heat. Basketball season officially starts tomorrow so this spot debuts at just the right time. Take a look and form your own opinion about the PR tactics of, “The King”.

Cyclone Celebration

Posted: October 25, 2010 by NattieLiz in NCAA Football

Over the Weekend, Iowa State beat Texas in an exciting 28- 21 victory. It seems that Texas is now the land of the Under dog. First UCLA took them down in their own stadium, and now ISU came in and took its win as well. This was more than just a “W” on the schedule for Iowa State, it was a historic moment. This was the programs first win over Texas and a first over a ranked opponent on the road since 1990. Iowa State Running back, Jeff Woody, seemed to sum it up the best in the midst of his celebration on Saturday, “You get beat and you get beat and you say enough is enough. We are done with losing, we are sick of it”.  In a way I guess it would be a historic loss for Texas since The Longhorns haven’t lost consecutive home games since 1997.

This video gives you an amazing look at what its like to win when every one thought it was impossible. Watch this and have a great start to your week… hard work and determination. These guys never gave up on their program, so never think of giving up on your dream because at any day victory might come: Be Ready.

(that was my inspirational speech for the week)

Papa’s Gotta Brand New SWAGG

Posted: October 25, 2010 by NattieLiz in NCAA Football

This year Nike Pro Combat designed new and innovative uniforms for 10 NCAA teams: West Virginia, Virginia Tech, Pittsburgh, Florida, Miami, Ohio State, Boise State, TCU, Oregon State, and, Alabama.  Some of these teams, like the University of Miami, have yet to actually dress in this new swagg (Nov. 20th). Virgina Tech debuted their design along with Boise State earlier this season on Sept. 6th. VT wore slate black helmets and Boise St. had its bright blue, which was a color explosion for HD TV’s every where. The uniforms were designed with different themes that reflect each of the chosen schools.

On the coat tails of the Nike Pro Combat design, Adidas launched its, TECHFIT Jerseys. Their design will be worn by Texas A&M, Notre Dame, Michigan and Cincinnati, Louisville, Tennessee, and UCLA. The idea behind the jersey is a lighter and tighter fit, a compression jersey. According to Joey Held, a spokesman for Adidas, its new jersey as being able to raise speed, power, endurance and explosiveness on the football field.  He said, “The jersey benefits players on either side of the football:  Offensively, because TECHFIT conforms to the player’s body, a player becomes more difficult to tackle. Defensively, a pass rusher will get closer to the quarterback because offensive linemen won’t have as much material to hold onto”.

Not gonna lie, some of these teams need all the help they can get this season, so let’s hope these jerseys do all they boast about. But if anything, the commercials alone get any fan pretty hyped!

Ladies, We have hit the Jack Pot in Wide Receiver, Eric Decker. I would put up 10 reasons why we love him, but lets face it, 1- 5 would be: HE’S HAWT!  The latest GQ gives him a 5 page spread that is to die for. I’ll give you a few quick facts just to let you know how legit this young man is. The quicker you read it, the faster you can scroll down and look at this perfect specimen! #YUMMY!

5. Hails from the University of Minnesota and was a Duel Sport Athlete: Football and Baseball

4.  He was one of the nation’s top receivers and one of the top pass catchers in Minnesota history. He was also a  two-time academic All-Big Ten selection…. smarty pants!

3. Drafted this year in the third round by the Denver Broncos, as one of the top Wide Receivers in the nation. Picked 87th overall

2. He’s no execption to injury: Decker had surgery to reattach the ligament, sat out of the Broncos’ minicamps and offseason workouts, sticking to rehabilitation drills on his injured foot. But even with that said, in the pre-season he led the NFL with 16 receptions in four games.

1. ummmm…. yeah, hellooooo, He’s a 6’3 220lb Hunk of burning love!  yes. indeed I just wrote that.

To read more about his athleticism and determination, here is a great interview with the NFL Rookie:


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This weekend the Rutgers Football team will be wearing stickers on the front their helmets that read simply: BELIEVE. This Friday night across the state of NJ, more than 11,000 high school football players statewide will be wearing two-inch white oval decals on their helmets bearing the No. 52 in scarlet numerals. All of this in support of Rutgers Defensive Tackle, Eric LeGrand.  

LeGrand suffered a spinal cord injury last saturday in the fourth quarter of the game, leaving him paralyzed from the neck down. Eric LeGrand, a junior from Avenel, N.J., slammed into Army’s Malcolm Brown on a kickoff return. It happened near the 25-yard-line, with the top of LeGrand’s helmet knocking into Brown’s left shoulder. LeGrand collapsed and lay still as medics rushed to help. By Sunday, it was clear that LeGrand was paralyzed from the neck down, Rutgers announced.

Sadly, this is not the first time we have seen this happen in Football. In 2007, Kevin Everett sustained a “catastrophic” and life-threatening spinal-cord injury while trying to make a tackle during the Buffalo Bill’s season opener. Upon the injury trainers approached the injury with a new method: Instead of using ice, doctors chilled Everett from the inside, infusing cold fluids into his veins. The treatment was experimental, and medical experts cautioned that it is impossible to say in an individual case whether it would help or hurt. It must have helped, immensely, as Kevin Everett is successfully walking and fully recovered. This success story gives us all hope for LeGrand.

“Eric’s spirits were as good as you can expect,” Rutgers coach Greg Schiano said. “He was cognizant of me being there, his mom, everybody. He’s a fighter”.“Coach is there every night,” linebacker Antonio Lowery said. “When he finds out stuff, he lets us know. If anything bad had happened, he would’ve told us already. But everything is going good so far.”
The Rutgers book store is selling special shirts to raise money for the paralyzed player. This is such a sad and unfortunate truth about the risk in playing College Football. We can only hope that for the rest of the season these stories are few and far between. JC sends its prayers.


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The news around the NFL this week is illegal hits and the LARGE fines players are receiving if they come in for the BOOM! on another player.  The games last Sunday really brought this issue to light. Over the weekend there were 3 HUGE hits: Meriweather, Robinson, and Harrison. Three different teams, three different fines, and three very different reactions. New England Safety, Brandon Meriweather was fined $50, 000 for his helmet to helmet hit against Ravens TE Todd Heap. Meriweather has since apologized and stated that he will “play with in the rules” from now on. Steelers Line Backer, James Harrison, was fined $75,000 for his helmet hit against Browns receiver, Mohamed Massaquoi. Harrison is known to be an emotional player and took of practice on Wednesday to cool off. Harrison was so upset that he even threatened to retire, but we all know, no one would ever back out of a 51.2 million dollar contract.

The NFL is going to start suspending even 1st time offenders for these “flagrant” and “devastating hits”.  The NFL VP of Football Operations, Ray Anderson said,”We can’t tolerate what we saw Sunday…We’re talking about life-alternating impacts”. It seems clear how the NFL feels about this, but what about the players? $50, 000 here and $75,000 there isn’t just petty cash, I don’t care who you are. But the other issue lies in the play itself. Sometimes these hits are not  intentional, So should a player be fined in that case as well? Our New Orleans Saints hottie, Reggie Bush expressed himself on Twitter about the issue, dealing with the fact that a head blow beats a body blow: