It’s October & that means one thing: postseason baseball!  Yesterday was the last day of the regular season so all of the division series are set.  In the AL, the Tampa Bay Rays won the East, Minnesota Twins won the Central, Texas Rangers the West & NY Yankees the Wild Card.  In the division series, the Yankees play the Twins & the Rays play the Rangers.  In the NL, the Philadelphia Phillies defended their NL East division title, the Cincinnati Reds won the Central, San Francisco Giants the West & the Atlanta Braves the Wild Card.  The Phillies play the Reds & the Giants play the Braves.

The division series is a best of 5 series, so in order to move on you have to win 3 games.  The winner of the division series move on to their League Championships AKA ALCS or NLCS.  Then the winner in each league goes to the World Series.  Lots of story lines this year.  Can the Yankees repeat as champs?  Can the Braves win Bobby Cox a World Series in his last year as manager?  Can the Rays win their first ever title?  Can the Giants win their first title in more than 50 years & their first since being in San Francisco?  The games start on Wednesday so get your popcorn & your hotdogs because it’s the playoffs!


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