Brett “Drama” Favre

Posted: October 11, 2010 by amyaubrey in Brett Favre, NFL, NY JETS

So as if the drama that is Brett Favre wasn’t enough for the Vikings to deal with in the pre-season, he is now apologizing for being a distraction once again during the season.  Unless you’ve been living in a hole, you have undoubtedly heard about Brett’s winky dink being shown across the internet.  He sent some photos, racy texts & voice messages to a former NY Jets female employee when he played there.  We will not be posting these photos here on this fine website, but I trust you can find there somewhere if you really want to find them (which, I mean I saw them & there was very LITTLE going on, if you get I’m saying.)  Why are these scandals always involving the Jets??  Get your acts together, will you please.  The Vikings are set to play the Jets tonight on Monday Night Football.


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