You’re Outta Here One Last Time…

Posted: October 12, 2010 by amyaubrey in MLB
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This year in baseball has kind of been the end of an era.  Four of the best managers in the game (& maybe of all-time) have hung up their cleats & won’t be putting their uniforms on again anytime soon.  This year we said so long to Lou Piniella, Joe Torre, Cito Gaston & last night was Bobby Cox’s swan song.  The long-time Braves manager perfected the art of getting thrown from a baseball game (158 times to be exact), which only shows just how passionate he was about this game.  The Braves made their motto this postseason “11 for 6” meaning 11 wins to win the World Series, for #6 Bobby Cox.  Unfortunately, this wasn’t meant to be as the Giants beat the Braves in 4 games to advance to the NLCS against the Phillies.  Since they were in Atlanta, the fans called for Bobby to come out after the game, which he did & he got a great ovation from them & also from the Giants, which was a very classy move on their part.  Cox got very emotional after the game when asked how he felt & he showed us he believes in 1 important thing: there’s no crying in baseball.  When asked what he said to his players he started speaking & then took a long pause & tried to collect himself only to say that grown men don’t do this (meaning cry.)  He then went right on to change the subject & praise his starting pitcher, it was very Bobby Cox-like.  He is a legend & will most certainly be missed.

As for the rest of baseball, tonight is Game 5 of the division series against the Rangers & Rays.  Whoever wins this one will face the Yankees in the ALCS.  It’s basically a dream scenario if you’re a Yankee fan because with that series lasting only 3 games & this one going to 5, the Yankees are well-rested during the time of year when rest is very important.  It also means that no matter who wins this series, the Yankees won’t be facing the ace of the pitching staff until at least Game 3.  The Phillies & Giants will also be a hell of a series.  2 teams with phenomenal pitching.  I’m gonna make a prediction that it won’t be very high-scoring.  So hold onto your caps, it’s gonna be a wild ride.


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