Twenty-Four Hour Ginger Ale Diet

Posted: October 13, 2010 by thesank in Uncategorized

After last night’s  5-1 ALDS Game 5 win over the Tampa Bay Rays, the players of the Texas Rangers had one thing in mind – celebration. We’ve all seen it – they’re on the twenty-four hour champagne diet, spraying the bubbley everywhere. Guys with the goggles on to protect their eyes from the sting of victory, and so on. Well this victory shower was a little different.

via AP

Due to the Rangers star player, John Hamilton, and his fight with drug and alcohol abuse, the clubhouse decided to use Canada Dry ginger ale to celebrate in great fashion.

“Everybody yelled ‘Ginger ale!’ and I just jumped in the middle of the pile and they doused me with it,” Hamilton said. “It was the coolest thing for my teammates to understand why I can’t be a part of the celebration, and for them to adapt it for me to be a part of it says a lot about my teammates.”

Last year,  after the Rangers won the AL West in Oakland, the champagne shower ensued, but Hamilton skipped out and spoke to church groups instead.

via espn


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