Texas Claw and Antlers

Posted: October 16, 2010 by amyaubrey in Fans, MLB, Trends
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If you’ve been watching the Texas Rangers this postseason you may have noticed some hand gestures done by the team & fans.  If you see people in the stands wearing antlers & clawing at you, do not be alarmed, we have your answers.  The claw & the antlers have become the rally cry for the Rangers this season.  The players started doing it in the beginning of the year & they wouldn’t say what they were for but anyone that watched them play on a regular basis could figure it out.  It has become a team unifying thing & makes the fans feel like they’re part of this inside joke.  They recently started selling T-shirts with these hand symbols on them & they can’t even be put on the shelves because they are selling so fast.

The Claw…

This became the symbol of strength & power, like a bear.  The claw gets displayed after a hitter safely reaches base.  When pitchers get big strikeouts, they also get the claw.

The Antlers…

The antlers represent speed & agility, like a deer.  A stolen base, stretching a base hit into extra bases or a good defensive play are all rewarded with the antlers.


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