Cyclone Celebration

Posted: October 25, 2010 by NattieLiz in NCAA Football

Over the Weekend, Iowa State beat Texas in an exciting 28- 21 victory. It seems that Texas is now the land of the Under dog. First UCLA took them down in their own stadium, and now ISU came in and took its win as well. This was more than just a “W” on the schedule for Iowa State, it was a historic moment. This was the programs first win over Texas and a first over a ranked opponent on the road since 1990. Iowa State Running back, Jeff Woody, seemed to sum it up the best in the midst of his celebration on Saturday, “You get beat and you get beat and you say enough is enough. We are done with losing, we are sick of it”.  In a way I guess it would be a historic loss for Texas since The Longhorns haven’t lost consecutive home games since 1997.

This video gives you an amazing look at what its like to win when every one thought it was impossible. Watch this and have a great start to your week… hard work and determination. These guys never gave up on their program, so never think of giving up on your dream because at any day victory might come: Be Ready.

(that was my inspirational speech for the week)


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