NIKE aka Captain “Save-a-PRO”

Posted: October 25, 2010 by NattieLiz in Lebron James, Miami Heat

It is not something new for athletes to come into the spot light, shake things up and ask for redemption from fans. Earlier this year it was Tiger Woods, for a much more extreme offenses but in came Nike PR with attempts to save his butt. They still put out the commercial that featured Tiger’s late father, speaking to him basically from the grave. No intelligent person felt bad for Tiger, but its goal to stroke an emotional cord with fans was clear. It made light of the issue and was a straight shot to reveal that even Tiger Woods is only human.

Nike comes at us again, this time to save Lebron James. The new commercial addresses every rumor, every name in the book he has been called, and every issue that surrounded his decision to go from Cleveland to the Miami Heat. Basketball season officially starts tomorrow so this spot debuts at just the right time. Take a look and form your own opinion about the PR tactics of, “The King”.


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