Papa’s Gotta Brand New SWAGG

Posted: October 25, 2010 by NattieLiz in NCAA Football

This year Nike Pro Combat designed new and innovative uniforms for 10 NCAA teams: West Virginia, Virginia Tech, Pittsburgh, Florida, Miami, Ohio State, Boise State, TCU, Oregon State, and, Alabama.  Some of these teams, like the University of Miami, have yet to actually dress in this new swagg (Nov. 20th). Virgina Tech debuted their design along with Boise State earlier this season on Sept. 6th. VT wore slate black helmets and Boise St. had its bright blue, which was a color explosion for HD TV’s every where. The uniforms were designed with different themes that reflect each of the chosen schools.

On the coat tails of the Nike Pro Combat design, Adidas launched its, TECHFIT Jerseys. Their design will be worn by Texas A&M, Notre Dame, Michigan and Cincinnati, Louisville, Tennessee, and UCLA. The idea behind the jersey is a lighter and tighter fit, a compression jersey. According to Joey Held, a spokesman for Adidas, its new jersey as being able to raise speed, power, endurance and explosiveness on the football field.  He said, “The jersey benefits players on either side of the football:  Offensively, because TECHFIT conforms to the player’s body, a player becomes more difficult to tackle. Defensively, a pass rusher will get closer to the quarterback because offensive linemen won’t have as much material to hold onto”.

Not gonna lie, some of these teams need all the help they can get this season, so let’s hope these jerseys do all they boast about. But if anything, the commercials alone get any fan pretty hyped!


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