Why We Love: Eric Decker

Posted: October 25, 2010 by NattieLiz in Fans, NFL, Who we Love
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Ladies, We have hit the Jack Pot in Wide Receiver, Eric Decker. I would put up 10 reasons why we love him, but lets face it, 1- 5 would be: HE’S HAWT!  The latest GQ gives him a 5 page spread that is to die for. I’ll give you a few quick facts just to let you know how legit this young man is. The quicker you read it, the faster you can scroll down and look at this perfect specimen! #YUMMY!

5. Hails from the University of Minnesota and was a Duel Sport Athlete: Football and Baseball

4.  He was one of the nation’s top receivers and one of the top pass catchers in Minnesota history. He was also a  two-time academic All-Big Ten selection…. smarty pants!

3. Drafted this year in the third round by the Denver Broncos, as one of the top Wide Receivers in the nation. Picked 87th overall

2. He’s no execption to injury: Decker had surgery to reattach the ligament, sat out of the Broncos’ minicamps and offseason workouts, sticking to rehabilitation drills on his injured foot. But even with that said, in the pre-season he led the NFL with 16 receptions in four games.

1. ummmm…. yeah, hellooooo, He’s a 6’3 220lb Hunk of burning love!  yes. indeed I just wrote that.

To read more about his athleticism and determination, here is a great interview with the NFL Rookie:



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