You Can Do It! Put Your Back [Up] Into It!

Posted: November 16, 2010 by NattieLiz in NCAA Football, Notre Dame, Purdue, Uncategorized, University of Miami

We are sadly coming to the final weeks of the college football season. It’s been a season riddled with injury, Especially at the key QB position. So in these last weeks if you are looking for your starting Quarter Back from September, you might be better off looking on the sidelines for the guy in sweats and a fitted cap. But don’t focus on him too long, because there is some one on the field doing his job, and sometimes… even better!

BYU QB: Riley Nelson only made it to September 21st as the Cougars starting Quarter Back due to an injury to his right shoulder leaving him out for 4 – 5 months.. aka the rest of the season. This left the job up to Freshman Jake Heaps, who ultimately was the squads most experienced QB. The Cougars are now 5-5.

UCLA QB Richard Brehaut: Kevin Prince the anticipated starting quarter back for UCLA was hunkered up mid-season with a meniscus tear in his knee. As soon as Prince was scheduled for surgery in came freshman Richard Brehaut (pronounced Bre-HO.. or affectionately known by his team mates as Bre- Bro). Bre-Bo has shown some surprising capability at the position.  Last week Oregon State got a pass rush against UCLA but Brehaut didn’t stay in the pocket to see it happen too often. Brehaut showed great improvisational skills which was especially true in third down situations. This Thursday the Bruins take on Washington.. Keep an eye out for this kid and his quick thinking shovel passes!

Notre Dame QB Tommy Rees: Dayne Crist started off having a pretty good season…ND always has its ups and downs, but off of summer training Crist came in looking pretty solid. That is until he ruptured his patella tendon in the game against Tulsa. The previous year it was his right, and this year it is his left. That’s some tough luck there, you can’t help but feel bad for these boys. Now freshman Tommy Rees has taken over, with Nate Montana being his back up. Which in our next series of injuries we learn, the back up back up might actually get some play, sooner than later. Enter: The Purdue Boilermakers.

Purdue QB Rob Henry: Robert Marve was the highly anticipated starting QB for the Purdue Boilermakers. It seems that anticipation only got Boiler Nation to its 4th game, in which Marve once again re tore his ACL in the first quarter. A huge blow to a team riddled with injuries. Rob Henry the red shirt freshman would take over from there.. and take over he did.. until he too was struck with injury. Enter Justin Siller…long story here, but he was the QB, but then had to go to a JC to fix his grades, and come back the following year. The Boilermakers alternated QB’s last week against Michigan, resulting in both still being injured and Siller worse off than before. We pray they get this together for the last 2 games and end the season on a high note.

Miami QB Stephen Morris: Jacory Harris is by all accounts the starting quarter back for the UM Canes. He received a hard blow at Virginia on Oct 30th and was forced to sit out 2 games. Many Miami fans would point to Harris as being a pretty inconsistent QB that throws his fair share of interceptions and isn’t very good at seeing the lateral pass rush… but that’s neither here nor there. The kid had a concussion, so in came freshman back up, Stephen Morris. Stephen Morris started winning games, 2 fairly consistently with minor mistakes.  Jacory Harris is recovered but now fans, students, and team mates are chanting: Stephen Morris. What is Randy Shannon to do?? Who really is the better starter? Harris has seniority but Morris is clutch, he has a good track record so far and a very strong-arm. But from the beginning the job was rightfully given to Harris, and now he’s back ready to take his #1 spot. tough call. But then again, this all has to come to fruition when Harris is completely cleared by medical to play VT this weekend, which is still pending.


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