Posted: November 18, 2010 by amyaubrey in MLB
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The AL Cy Young award was announced today & it is not without it’s share of criticism.  Felix Hernandez, the Seattle Mariners’ ace won the best pitcher of the year award.  Roy Halladay won the NL award unanimously & it was much deserved as he took his team to the NLCS, while pitching a perfect game & a no hitter in the same year.  Felix, though was on a last place team.

Felix never had to pitch in clutch situations to help bring his team to the playoffs.  He had nothing to lose when he pitched because those games didn’t count.  He also pitched in the AL West, which was arguably the easiest division in baseball, with only one good team.  Felix had only 13 wins on the season.  I am not taking anything away from him, because he is a great pitcher & definitely had a great year.  It’s not his fault that his team couldn’t score him any runs.  However, when you pitch in the AL East, you constantly have to pitch against stronger teams & you pitch in games that matter.  Consequently, 4 of the top 6 finishers are from the AL East.  If I had a vote, it would’ve gone to David Price #1, CC Sabathia #2, Jon Lester #3, Felix #4.  Either way, congratulations to him.

Managers of the year went to Ron Gardenhire of the Twins in the AL & Bud Black of the San Diego Padres won it in the NL.

AL Rookie of the year went to Texas Rangers’ closer Neftali Feliz & Buster Posey of the San Francisco Giants won it in the NL.

MVPs will be announced next week.


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