Picture This!?

Posted: November 25, 2010 by amyaubrey in MLB
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If you don’t know what a New York Yankee looks like, I’ll tell you: Derek Jeter.  He has been the face of the organization since he was a wittle baby in 1996.  Not only has he been the face, but also the heart.  To the Yankees he is a priceless commodity so when it comes to his current predicament, how do you put a price on someone like him?  Jeter’s contract was up at the end of this past season so he is now a free agent.

The Yankees offered him a 3-year, $45 million contract which is generous by any measure.  That is, for those of us not great at math, $15 million a year.  Jeter thought this was not enough, however.  He made $21 million last year so it is a considerable paycut for him.  Derek, though had the worst year of his career last year & will be turning 37 this June, which in baseball terms is ancient.  He still thinks of himself as among baseball’s elite and so deserves that much money.  The Yankees have encouraged him to test the market & see how much other teams offer him, because they are confident he won’t be offered more then that.  The intangibles he has brought to the Yankees make him more valuable there then anywhere else, not to mention the unwavering love showered upon him every day by Yankee fans.  The NY Post today, however decided to give Yankee fans a bit of a heart attack with this picture…

If that God forsaken photo ever happened in real life, the man who is currently king of NY would never be allowed back there, for fear of his life.  I’m quite sure it would never happen but it’s certainly a scary thought for any Yankee fan.  When the dust settles, I do believe Derek will be back in a Yankee uniform, as will Mariano Rivera & Andy Pettitte.


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