Not Your FINEst Moment

Posted: December 1, 2010 by NattieLiz in NFL, Terrell Owens
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So this season the NFL is just Fine happy! and the players are violation happy! It seems the golden number is 25K. T.O. was fined 25K for a tweet, Harrison 25k for an illegal hit (giving him a grand total of 125, 000 THIS season), and now Andre Johnson and Cortland Finnegan both 25k for getting in a full on brawl during a Texans shutout game last Sunday.

Roger Goodell, the NFL’s commissioner hands down these punishments like a teacher in grade school having you write your name on the board. There seems to be just one punishment: Pay up. There haven’t been too many full suspensions, only 25k here or 50k here, no matter the offense, and no matter how many times these players offend, as in Harrison’s case of 125K in illegal hits. I’m not here to decide what the right punishment is, but it doesn’t seem fair that T.O. gets the same fine for tweeting before a game, that these guys get for beating each other up in the middle of a game…check it out:


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