The Clearing of Cam

Posted: December 1, 2010 by NattieLiz in Cam Newton, NCAA Football

Auburn quarterback Cam Newton was ruled ineligible by the NCAA on Tuesday, but was reinstated to play again today.  It’s a good thing college football games aren’t played on Tuesdays!

The investigation by the NCAA determined that the quarterback had no knowledge of  the actions of his father and the owner of a scouting service, who actively sought a pay-for-play scenario for Cam Newton. They ruled, that Cecil Newton will have limited access to Auburn’s athletics department and Mississippi State has cut ties with Kenny Rodgers, a former Bulldogs player. Rogers, had admitted relaying the request for money from Cecil Newton to another former Bulldogs player, was disassociated from his alma mater.

Auburn will play this saturday for the SEC Championship against South Carolina. A game too important for their starting quarterback to miss. If the Tigers win this weekend they will move onto the BCS National Championship game. Talk about making it just in time…

via USA Today


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