DJK in the Dog House

Posted: December 8, 2010 by NattieLiz in Iowa Hawkeyes, NCAA Football

Darrell Johnson-Koulianos is known by Iowa Hawkeye fans as “DJK”, he’s also known for being the schools all time leading receiver, who had 10 touch downs this season, and was without a doubt looking forward to a great career in the league. Well, as of yesterday hopes and dreams for this young star might be shattered. DJK was arrested in Iowa City on six drug related charges. The Hawk eye receiver was arrested for keeping a drug house, possession of cocaine, possession of marijuana, and unlawful possession of prescription drugs. The police searched the house of DJK and his roommate Brady Cooper Johnson, they found drugs and $3,000 in cash. Johnson was also arrested and taken in for questioning. DJK cooperated with police saying he got the pills from a friend and takes them for pain, he admitted to smoking the sticky icky, and had in the last 24 hours. The results of the drug test confirmed the presence of not only marijuana but cocaine as well. Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz issued the following statement Tuesday night:

“I am highly disappointed to learn of the charges. Derrell has been suspended from all team activities.”

Johnson-Koulianos had his first appearance in court this morning. DJK’s suspension from the team will set back the Hawkeyes in a major way as they prepare to take on Mizzou in the Insight Bowl. (photo: Brian Ray /Gizzette)


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