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Go Get Em Boys!

Posted: January 31, 2011 by NattieLiz in Joseph Fauria, NCAA Football, UCLA

Over the weekend out here in LA… Two UCLA Tight Ends took on a challenge that was all about pride! Andrew Yelich and Joseph Fauria took on Andrew’s dad, Chris Yelich and his Friend in a game of one on one basketball. Thanks to technology the whole thing was documented (for our enjoyment).



Boots Made For Walkin’

Posted: January 27, 2011 by NattieLiz in Uncategorized

Hey Gals!

Life’s been a bit hectic for all of us! I just got back from a huge trip to Vegas, and its thursday…yet my toes are still hurting from my heels all weekend.

It made me wonder, “Is there another way??”  I always joke when we are out and people try to make me walk miles to a party or through a club, “I’m not wearing my Nike Air Wedges!” But now, it’s not so much of a joke.. Check it out!

If you are brave enough, and of course have enough swag to pull these off, check out


As you know, the NFL playoffs are in full effect.  This past weekend was the Divisional Playoffs & in the AFC it was a battle of the division rivals.  The Steelers beat the Ravens & the Jets beat the Patriots.  These 4 teams hate each other so it was certainly heated.  After the Jets-Pats game, Jets linebacker Bart Scott gave one of the greatest post game interviews ever with ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio.

Next weekend will be the League Championship games.  The Jets will take on the Steelers in the AFC & the Packers will play the Bears in the NFC.  Both should be excellent games leading up to an excellent Superbowl.

The Real Life JC’s

Posted: January 11, 2011 by NattieLiz in Dating, NBA, NFL, OchoCinco, Uncategorized

First I think its important that we once again state- if we haven’t before- the name of this blog is a play on words!  It’s a joke because haters (aka guys) would call us “Jersey Chasers” because we could out talk them in sports… but in real life are goal is by NO means to get wifed up to Pro athletes. I think that should be stated, the name is a pun. With that said, there are some gals out there that do love them some Jersey wearing Hotties (and sadly, even some not so hotties).

Kim K…From Bush, to rumored Christiano Ronaldo, to confirmed Austin, to now… drum roll please!!….. New Jersey Net: Kris Humphries! Maybe sister Khloe finally let her in on the secret to drop the football players and move onto basketball. That tall K-Dash even has a new reality show coming out with her hubby! Way to capitalize girl! We likes! (Just watch out for that “Newlyweds” break up curse)










Up Next is our very funny friend, Mr. Chad OchoCinco. He has confirmed his engagement to Evelyn Lozada. If you have ever checked out an episode of Basketball wives (aka Basketball Ex girl friends) you have seen this passionate drama queen in action. But Congrats! You can’t help who you love.

And since this site does cater to women… let’s just take a look at her 10-Carat engagement ring:

Once again… We Likes!

[photo creds: AP, NY daily]

Baby Baller

Posted: January 11, 2011 by NattieLiz in Who we Love

K.J. Farfan is 5 yrs old, he’s in kindergarten, yet he is not watching Sesame Street, because he is too busy BALLIN!!

This kid has 13 years left until he finishes high school and can play college ball- yet he is wasting no time being Thee best 5- year-old on the block. Farfan lives in Miami Florida and already has 2 highlight videos of his game. He is a national prodigy that already is well taken care of: He has a trainer, a nutritionist, a personal barber, and even a game security guard. This Lil munchkin even has a twitter account @kj5ballin. I now feel like a major UNDERachiever, thanks kid.


22- 19 Auburn Takes Home the Trophy

Posted: January 11, 2011 by NattieLiz in Cam Newton, NCAA Football, Oregon Ducks

Last nights BCS National Championship Game ended in a 22-19 Auburn victory. The game really didn’t get cracking until the final 2 minutes. Oregon may have relied too much on their spiffy Nike Unis, which shoes seemed to have them sliding all over the field missing some key plays. With that said- Let the 2011 College Football season start: NOW!!!!



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