Playoffs, You Talkin’ About Playoffs?!

Posted: January 7, 2011 by thesank in Uncategorized

As the famous rant goes by Former Head Coach Jim Mora…. “playoffs, you talkin’ about playoffs?!” That’s right, baby, I’m talking about playoffs. This weekend is the first weekend of the NFL playoffs, and the nation has the fever.

The first round looks like this:

Sat., Jan. 08, 8:00 PM ET NBC
New York Jets
Sun., Jan. 09, 1:00 PM ET CBS
Kansas City
Sat., Jan. 08, 4:30 PM ET NBC
New Orleans
Sun., Jan. 09, 4:30 PM ET FOX
Green Bay
With that being said, living in Baltimore, if we ever had the purple haze, now is the strongest time of the year. We have buildings lit up and even Governor O’Malley declared 1/7/11 “Purple Friday” for State Employees – you wear your purple, black, jerseys, etc. (even though most in the Baltimore/fan base have been declaring Ravens’ Fridays before games “Purple” Friday” for about 10 years now – I’m currently in a purple and black argile sweater and black pants).
I’m sure this is very similar around the nation if your team is in the playoffs. It definitely gives not only the team a little morale boost, but the entire city and fan base as well.
As everyone is getting ready to rah-rah their team this weekend, I wanted to share these sideline pictures with you. I was fortunate enough to be able to hit the turf and watch the Ravens warm up before their home game against the Bung.. I mean Bengals (even though it wasn’t a pretty game). ENJOY!
Good luck to all the teams this weekend!! (ps – who are the chef’s?)

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