Boots Made For Walkin’

Posted: January 27, 2011 by NattieLiz in Uncategorized

Hey Gals!

Life’s been a bit hectic for all of us! I just got back from a huge trip to Vegas, and its thursday…yet my toes are still hurting from my heels all weekend.

It made me wonder, “Is there another way??”  I always joke when we are out and people try to make me walk miles to a party or through a club, “I’m not wearing my Nike Air Wedges!” But now, it’s not so much of a joke.. Check it out!

If you are brave enough, and of course have enough swag to pull these off, check out


  1. Luciana Bell says:

    yeah i saw these a few weeks ago on a facebook comment brought to my attention and was like WTH…first shapers and now Nike highheels…not sure how I feel about that, but if rocked with the right outfit it could be a good look, but is it a look for me…Not quite sure and not sure if I want to experiment and see either….but I have to say they are creative…

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