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Green & Yellow – The Black & Yellow Comeback

Posted: February 3, 2011 by thesank in Uncategorized

As many of you know, the 2010-2011 season has brought Super Bowl contenders, the Pittsburgh Steelers, to adopt rapper Wiz Khalifa’s popular song Black and Yellow as their unofficial anthem. He was even asked to perform it at the AFC Championship game (click image for full song).

It doesn’t come as a surprise that many people have recreated/remixed the song to fit their own favorite teams (Black & Purple (Ravens Remix), Green & Yellow (Oregon Remix), Blue & Red (Giants Remix), Blue & Orange (Gators Remix), etc.). You can probably find your own team’s remix very easily.

Well in wonderful Super Bowl fashion, Lil’ Wayne has decided to make his own version for the Green Bay Packers –> 

As part of tha anti-Steelers faithful, I think that even though the thought might be overplayed, this was a wonderful comeback for the Cheeseheads. Lil’ Wayne is one of the best rappers out there, and if anyone can trump Khalifa’s Black & Yellow, it’s Weezy F baby.


Playoffs, You Talkin’ About Playoffs?!

Posted: January 7, 2011 by thesank in Uncategorized

As the famous rant goes by Former Head Coach Jim Mora…. “playoffs, you talkin’ about playoffs?!” That’s right, baby, I’m talking about playoffs. This weekend is the first weekend of the NFL playoffs, and the nation has the fever.

The first round looks like this:

Sat., Jan. 08, 8:00 PM ET NBC
New York Jets
Sun., Jan. 09, 1:00 PM ET CBS
Kansas City
Sat., Jan. 08, 4:30 PM ET NBC
New Orleans
Sun., Jan. 09, 4:30 PM ET FOX
Green Bay
With that being said, living in Baltimore, if we ever had the purple haze, now is the strongest time of the year. We have buildings lit up and even Governor O’Malley declared 1/7/11 “Purple Friday” for State Employees – you wear your purple, black, jerseys, etc. (even though most in the Baltimore/fan base have been declaring Ravens’ Fridays before games “Purple” Friday” for about 10 years now – I’m currently in a purple and black argile sweater and black pants).
I’m sure this is very similar around the nation if your team is in the playoffs. It definitely gives not only the team a little morale boost, but the entire city and fan base as well.
As everyone is getting ready to rah-rah their team this weekend, I wanted to share these sideline pictures with you. I was fortunate enough to be able to hit the turf and watch the Ravens warm up before their home game against the Bung.. I mean Bengals (even though it wasn’t a pretty game). ENJOY!
Good luck to all the teams this weekend!! (ps – who are the chef’s?)

The “new” Bad Boy of the NFL

Posted: November 3, 2010 by thesank in NFL

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ll know that wide receiver Randy Moss has been stirring up the pot, once again. First coming out early in the season about how this would be his last season with the Patriots, only to be traded to his old stomping grounds, Minnesota, and then was recently released! (Are your following along?)

There are some teams that will be vying for Moss now that he is on waivers, but one has to think – who would actually want this human being as  a teammate? Now we’ve all heard horror stories about Chad OchoCinco, TO, Vernon Davis, etc., but in my opinion, Moss takes the cake.

A story was recently released that might have had something to do with Moss’ release from the Vikings. Lasty Friday, the Vikings invited local restaurant, Tinucci’s Restaurant, to cater the team’s post-practice meal (a tradition the Vikings do every Friday). Apprently, Moss took one look at the food and let his true feelings be known: “What the [expletive]? Who ordered this crap? I wouldn’t feed this to my dog,”  a teammate, who saw the whole thing go down, said (according to Yahoo! Sports).

ESPN said, the player who witnessed Moss’ food tirade called it “an uncomfortable moment,” adding that he felt Moss deserved to be cut after the incident, Yahoo! Sports reported.

Damn right, Moss deserves to be cut. What a pathetic excuse for a professional athlete. Who belittles someone like that, really??

And,  let’s be honest here – the Vikings already have Percy Harvin & Sidney Rice coming back soon, and Moss will not be happy until he’s #1. This means his dramatics will continue until he brings his whole team down with him.

On that note, there is a Moss Remix floating around the internet, that I would like to include.

Other remixes on the youtube page include the Manning Brothers, TOcho, and Vick/Kolb Saga – please enjoy.

Via ESPN & Yahoo!Sports

Twenty-Four Hour Ginger Ale Diet

Posted: October 13, 2010 by thesank in Uncategorized

After last night’s  5-1 ALDS Game 5 win over the Tampa Bay Rays, the players of the Texas Rangers had one thing in mind – celebration. We’ve all seen it – they’re on the twenty-four hour champagne diet, spraying the bubbley everywhere. Guys with the goggles on to protect their eyes from the sting of victory, and so on. Well this victory shower was a little different.

via AP

Due to the Rangers star player, John Hamilton, and his fight with drug and alcohol abuse, the clubhouse decided to use Canada Dry ginger ale to celebrate in great fashion.

“Everybody yelled ‘Ginger ale!’ and I just jumped in the middle of the pile and they doused me with it,” Hamilton said. “It was the coolest thing for my teammates to understand why I can’t be a part of the celebration, and for them to adapt it for me to be a part of it says a lot about my teammates.”

Last year,  after the Rangers won the AL West in Oakland, the champagne shower ensued, but Hamilton skipped out and spoke to church groups instead.

via espn

Just a “Friendly” Match

Posted: August 2, 2010 by thesank in Soccer

Summer 2010 soccer fever continues with the people of Baltimore. Saturday night Charm City and M&T Bank Stadium hosted a soccer “friendly” (or exhibition game) between Manchester City and Inter Milan. The final was 3-0 Inter Milan. While the city loves a good game of soccer, this was also held to try to help the U.S. bring the World Cup back in 2018 or 2022.

Sitting in the Manchester City section was the best decision all night. The loyal fans brought their cheers and songs across the pond to the States. Even though I was cheering against the Motherland (Italia), these blokes draped in blue brought the energy to the game that the entire stadium could hear.


Some Funnies for your Friday

Posted: July 23, 2010 by thesank in Uncategorized

Seriously – this is one of the best sports videos we’ve seen in a while and we wanted to share this with you to lead into a great weekend…

As you sports fans know, the Baltimore Orioles are the worst team in baseball at this moment. It really seems like every player on that team (and member in the organization) could not give a darn about what the heck is going on – some people are already looking to next season! Either way, the video below is a great representation of the ball club as none of the security guards or police really feel like going after this kid (just like the O’s don’t really feel like going after the wins). Hey, at least a taser was NOT involved this time. 

The most excitement Orioles fans have seen in the past 12 years:

USC – So Fresh and So Clean, Clean

Posted: July 21, 2010 by thesank in Uncategorized

As we’ve been recently posting, many schools have been put in the NCAA dog-house. One of the major offenders, the USC Trojans, has been sending flowers and candy trying to escape the grips of the NCAA strong-hold, without hope. It is only recently that USC has made a huge step in the right direction to correcting their little “problems.”

Photo by Getty Images

The new USC president, Max Nikias, said he will be replacing current USC AD, Mike Garrett, with Pat Haden, familiar to the system as he was a former USC Trojan’s quarterback. With that new change comes another – Reggie Bush’s Heisman trophy will be sent back to the Heisman trust trying to disassociate themselves with Kim K’s & the Trojan’s former player.

USC is taking this to another level by removing all references of Reggie Bush and basketball palyer O.J. Mayo (antoher player in their NCAA scandal) – scrubbing their images from school murals and removing Bush’s No. 5 jersey in its place of honor in the lobby of Heritage Hall.

But for all of you of the WHO DAT nation (among others) who are still Bush fans, he will still be able to keep his own Heisman Trophy.

Backstory – USC has been placed on four years of probation, with two of those being a post-season bowl-ban. They will also have severe football scholarship restrictions since the NCAA found the athletic deparment broke many rules violations, mainly in football and basketball.

via ESPN