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22- 19 Auburn Takes Home the Trophy

Posted: January 11, 2011 by NattieLiz in Cam Newton, NCAA Football, Oregon Ducks

Last nights BCS National Championship Game ended in a 22-19 Auburn victory. The game really didn’t get cracking until the final 2 minutes. Oregon may have relied too much on their spiffy Nike Unis, which shoes seemed to have them sliding all over the field missing some key plays. With that said- Let the 2011 College Football season start: NOW!!!!



Cam’s Pre Heisman Free Style

Posted: December 15, 2010 by NattieLiz in Cam Newton, Fans

So before Cam Newton was winning games at Auburn and swinging by NYC to pick up his Heisman, he was playing for Blinn College. This video is great not because of Cam’s pre game free style, but because WTH is #26 doing??

I have been super sick the last 4 days, but I will admit these are a few things in the news that our team has let you down on. But better late than never right!? Let’s Play Catch up!

1. Al Golden Hired as the new University of Miami Head Coach:

2. Cam Newton wins the Heisman:

3. Iowa admit flaws and inconsistencies in drug testing procedures:

Via CBS SPORTS: Gary Barta, Iowa Athletic Director said Tuesday that the school is reviewing its drug testing policies in the wake of Derrell Johnson-Koulianos’s arrest and suspension last week on charges including possession of controlled substances, including cocaine and marijuana.  At a hastily called news conference that athletic department officials found some “flaws and inconsistencies” in the policies — and that some athletes have likely beaten tests in the past. “We did find pretty strong evidence that there a couple ways that our student-athletes probably have and most likely have, at some point, gotten around the test,” Barta said. “It’s almost become a cottage industry around the country; ‘How do you beat a test?’ And it’s something that we have to be constantly on top of.”

….And now at least you can be semi caught up! sorry about that gals!

The Clearing of Cam

Posted: December 1, 2010 by NattieLiz in Cam Newton, NCAA Football

Auburn quarterback Cam Newton was ruled ineligible by the NCAA on Tuesday, but was reinstated to play again today.  It’s a good thing college football games aren’t played on Tuesdays!

The investigation by the NCAA determined that the quarterback had no knowledge of  the actions of his father and the owner of a scouting service, who actively sought a pay-for-play scenario for Cam Newton. They ruled, that Cecil Newton will have limited access to Auburn’s athletics department and Mississippi State has cut ties with Kenny Rodgers, a former Bulldogs player. Rogers, had admitted relaying the request for money from Cecil Newton to another former Bulldogs player, was disassociated from his alma mater.

Auburn will play this saturday for the SEC Championship against South Carolina. A game too important for their starting quarterback to miss. If the Tigers win this weekend they will move onto the BCS National Championship game. Talk about making it just in time…

via USA Today