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Go Get Em Boys!

Posted: January 31, 2011 by NattieLiz in Joseph Fauria, NCAA Football, UCLA

Over the weekend out here in LA… Two UCLA Tight Ends took on a challenge that was all about pride! Andrew Yelich and Joseph Fauria took on Andrew’s dad, Chris Yelich and his Friend in a game of one on one basketball. Thanks to technology the whole thing was documented (for our enjoyment).



Future Field Rushing Fan

Posted: November 27, 2010 by NattieLiz in Fans, Joseph Fauria, NCAA Football, UCLA, Uncategorized

Yesterday ASU defeated UCLA in a 55-34 victory. UCLA loses its bowl eligibility due to this loss in the 13th week. But there was a slightly larger FAIL that happen during the game. In the 4th quarter, as UCLA TE Joseph Fauria is in the End zone, scoring his first career touchdown, a kid falls 10 feet from the stands directly behind him. The kid didn’t cry or show any signs of serious injury. WOW. That’s a real fan, if he is already jumping out of the stands as a kid, when he gets in college things are gonna be real interesting. And Fauria must be stoked that people already get that excited for him! hahaha… It is a great story for him to tell about his first TD! Check out the video!

 We have all heard it: Its in the genes. Weather you wish you were taller, thinner, faster, stronger, Dye your hair black or blonde… your original genetics make up who you really are. For these  up and coming stars, its true that talent runs through their blood!

Seth and Stephen Curry:

Dell Curry is a former NBA player that happen to father not only one, but two basketball stars. Stephen Curry who is one of Golden State’s rising stars, has a younger brother Seth, that is making his way up the basketball ranks as well. Seth, 20, is a 6’1 guard that currently plays for DUKE. He was riding the bench last year, but it seems he is ready for a break out year as one of Coach K’s starting five.

Joseph and Christian Fauria:

Christian Fauria, TE, mostly known for his Super Bowl wins with the New England Patriots had a long 13 season NFL career. Even with numerous injuries, Fauria stuck it out to win two Super Bowls  in his Career. He is now analysing college football on, which is some what interesting, since his 6’7 nephew Joseph Fauria is making his own history playing in the same TE position at UCLA. Joseph Fauria will be a huge target for Kevin Prince this season and should have a break out year.

DaVaris and Phillip Daniels:

Phillip Daniels is known for being a 14 year NFL vet and the Redskins Defensive End, but he is now also known as the proud father of a 17 year old “ManChild”. DaVaris Daniels is a 6’2 wide out that can run a 4.5  40.  He is looking at going to Miami or Notre Dame  to continue his football career next year. Dad’s alma mater, Georgia is also in the top running.

Jacquizz and James Rodgers:

Oregon State has a great combo in a pair of football playing brothers. Jacquizz Rodgers is a junior running back whom the Beavers are touting as a 2010 Heisman Trophy candidate. He led the Beavers with 1,440 rushing yards, 522 receiving yards and 22 touchdowns last season.  His brother, James Rodgers, is a senior wide receiver whom the Beavers are touting as a 2010 All-America candidate. He caught 91 passes for 1,034 yards and nine touchdowns last season.  I would say those are some great genes! and it must be a blast to play side by side with your brother.

Hey Ladies!!!

So as we gear up for what looks like to be a great college football season, We here at JC thought it would be a great idea to have a player document his life for us… one day at a time.

Enter: UCLA Tight End, Joseph Fauria. At a striking 6’7, weighing in at 255 lbs, Fauria takes us through an entire day of summer right before training camp begins. He is a transfer from Notre Dame that seems to be embracing his new digs in Southern Cali. He brought us back over 50 minutes of footage, which I was able to get down to 8 minutes. Some might argue that is too long, but this kid has personality for days, so it was hard to get it all in…. I almost think a blooper reel is in the works!!

So sit back relax and take 8 minutes to appreciate what these guys go through to prepare for season,  I can promise you won’t regret it!