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Yes, if you have been missing thee ol’ college pig skin, have no fear!  you have spring games coming up!  Most of the time practices are open to fans and the game is a chance to come out and see what the team looks like going into summer! This might get you through until Fall…then we can start chomping at the bit to see the boys get down and dirty in 2011~ Here is your 2011 Spring Game Schedule!

Big East

CINCINNATI -Spring game: April 16

CONNECTICUT-Spring game: April 16

LOUISVILLE – Spring game: April 15

PITTSBURGH -Spring game: April 17

RUTGERS -Spring game: April 30

SOUTH FLORIDA -Spring game: April 2

SYRACUSE -Spring game: April 16

WEST VIRGINIA -Spring game: April 29

Big 12

BAYLOR -Spring game: April 2

IOWA STATE -Spring game: April 16

KANSAS -Spring game: April 30

KANSAS STATE -Spring game: April 30

MISSOURI -Spring game: April 16

OKLAHOMA – Spring game: April 16

OKLAHOMA STATE -Spring game: April 16

TEXAS -Spring game: April 3

TEXAS A&M -Spring game: April 16

TEXAS TECH -Spring game: March 26


BOSTON COLLEGE -Spring game: April 16

CLEMSON – Spring game: April 9

DUKE – Spring game: March 26

FLORIDA STATE -Spring game: April 16

GEORGIA TECH – Spring game: April 24

MARYLAND -Spring game: April 30

MIAMI -Spring game: April 16

NORTH CAROLINA -Spring game: April 9

NORTH CAROLINA STATE -Spring game: April 16

VIRGINIA -Spring game: April 2

VIRGINIA TECH -Spring game: April 23

WAKE FOREST -Spring game: April 16

Big Ten

ILLINOIS – Spring game: April 23

INDIANA -Spring game: April 16

IOWA -Spring game: April 16

MICHIGAN -Spring game: April 16

MICHIGAN STATE -Spring game: April 30

MINNESOTA -Spring game: April 23

NEBRASKA -Spring game: April 16

NORTHWESTERN -Spring game: April 16

OHIO STATE -Spring game: April 23

PENN STATE -Spring game: April 16

PURDUE -Spring game: April 9

WISCONSIN -Spring game: April 23


ALABAMA -Spring game: April 16

ARKANSAS -Spring game: April 16

AUBURN =Spring game: April 16.

FLORIDA =Spring game: April 9

GEORGIA -Spring game: April 16

KENTUCKY -Spring game: April 23

LSU -Spring game: April 9

MISSISSIPPI STATE -Spring game: April 9

OLE MISS -Spring game: April 16

SOUTH CAROLINA -Spring game: April 9

TENNESSEE -Spring game: April 16

VANDERBILT -Spring game: April 17


ARIZONA STATE -Spring game: April 23

CALIFORNIA -Spring game: April 24

COLORADO -Spring game: April 9

OREGON -Spring game: April 30

OREGON STATE -Spring game: April 30

STANFORD -Spring game: April 9

UCLA -Spring game: April 23

USC -Spring game: April 23

UTAH -Spring game: April 16

WASHINGTON -Spring game: April 30

WASHINGTON STATE -Spring game: April 16


TCU -Spring game: April 2

Boise State -Spring game: April 16


So this saturday was a great weekend in College Football. We had a lot of Conference match ups that changed the look of our AP top 25. Most of the games were great to watch, but there was one game this past weekend that stuck out as the soap opera story of  Week 5: LSU vs. Tennessee. 

The game came down to the last 28 seconds, with the Vols leading 14- 10.  The Tigers had made tons of mistakes all game leaving fans in almost a state of disgust by the 4th quarter. 

With seconds to go in the game, LSU on 3rd and goal from the 1 yard line, the clock nearing to zero a sloppy snap seemed to end the game with Tennessee players streaming onto the field in jubilation. But WAIT!, as the celebration was halted when officials ruled the Vols had 13 defensive players on the field when the ball was snapped. Suddenly, LSU players were quickly trying to regroup: fetching the helmets they’d thrown on the ground in frustration and running back to the line.  LSU coach Les Miles who had already tossed his headset aside, decided to call one last play.  He called the right one, as Stevan Ridley bullied his way into the end zone from a yard out. The reaction of both teams seemed to be the opposite ends of disbelief: Did we just WIN? vs. Did WE just LOSE?  The fans who were already starting to file out were suddenly  rejoicing over a now 5-0 season. Once again, college football surprises us!

LSU: Tailgate Champions

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Every one knows the best part of college football and well, the NFL as well– Is a good old fashion TAILGATE. I have been blessed enough to experience tailgating at Boulder, U Miami, UCLA, USC, Purdue, and Arizona State. They were all pretty similar, but I decided to dig a little deeper, because I wanted to know who had THEE BEST Tailgate. After doing some reading, I discovered that LSU ranked in the Top 3 every time.  I know things are done a little bit different in the South, so let’s see what makes LSU’s tailgating such a monumental experience!

Reason #5: The average tailgater, drives to the game, unpacks the BBQ and gets down to business. Well at LSU, some one decided that was too many steps: 

This tailgate mobile has a barbecue pit under the suicide hod, and inside has a kegarator. GENIUS!! 

Reason #4: T. U. B. Aka The Unsupervised BUS A group of tailgaters that got their name by going to games with out their significant others– literally making them: Unsupervised. The crew started to grow over the years and they decided to buy the Ultimate LSU party Mobile: A 1982 School Bus.

Check it out:

Reason #3: True Fans!! According to Tailgater Monthly (and yes such a publication does exist) The Tailgaters start filling in around Wednesday and the better spots will run upwards of $500 for the season.

Reason #2: You cant tailgate with out booze! These Crazy Cajuns bring enough beer to fill up the stadium! and the best part is that the majority of LSU home games start in the evening making the scene chaotic by kickoff. I mean, doesn’t this look like a great girls trip?

Reason #1: THE FOOD!!!  Tons and tons of Southern Deliciousness!  Gumbo and Jambalaya at a Tailgate?? YES! This is not your average burgers and dogs kind of venue.  Gumbo is basically a soup-like dish that includes a variety of different creole spices mixed with different types of seafood like shrimp, crawfish, fish and can be filled with chicken, rice, sausage, peppers, and tomatoes. I feel like every Saturday in Fall is a mini Mardi Gras for Tiger Fans… and for that, I am SUPER JEALOUS!

I’m gonna let these fellow JC’s take it from here… Catchy lil cheer I must say: