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We’ll Miss you Andy

Posted: February 4, 2011 by amyaubrey in MLB
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So if ya’ll haven’t noticed we on this website all have a bit of our own bias & it is what it is. What we all tend to write about is what we are most passionate about & can you really blame us?  You can’t really help what it is that you’re passionate about & for this gal it’s all about the NY.  Today it was announced that the greatest post-season pitcher of all time, Andy Pettitte is going to retire.  There was alot of speculation all throughout the offseason that he would, but nobody knew for sure.  Today it was made official, that Andy would make the announcement tomorrow in a press conference.  It is a major blow to the Yankees because now the pitching rotation is full of question marks.  Yes, CC Sabathia & my main man, Phil Hughes will be good but what about the rest of the 3? AJ Burnett is either amazing or terrible (but always the epitome of cool because his personality is phenom.)  But the 4 & 5 pitchers? Who are they?  It’s going to be a major cause for concern for Yankee fans in the coming year because if things don’t go how we always expect them to, starting pitching will be the the downfall.  But above all else, as much as we will want a new great starting pitcher, we will most of all miss our great lefty big man.  Andy was not only a reliable work horse but, in my opinion, one of the greatest competitors of all time, as well as one of the greatest postseason baseball performers ever & a hall of fame pitcher who will not be replaced any time in the near future.  He was & always will be a true Yankee & a true gentleman & we love you, Andy.


Phil-Lee Again

Posted: December 14, 2010 by amyaubrey in MLB
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Whoever says money talks in baseball, obviously didn’t talk to Cliff Lee.  The big free agent pitcher signed with the Philadelphia Phillies.  He left millions of dollars on the table to go back to Philadelphia.  The Yankees & Rangers were both offering him a hell of a whole lot more for longer periods of time.  The Yankees were willing to guarantee Lee $154 million for seven years. And instead, he picked a five-year deal worth around $120 million.

Last year, the Phillies traded him to Seattle, who then eventually traded him to the Rangers.  Lee kills the Yankees whenever he pitches against them so he was their #1 free agent target.  Normally, the Yankees get their man but this time was not the case.  So instead of joining his pal CC Sabathia in NY, Lee decided to sign up to be a part of easily the best rotation in baseball.  With Lee, Roy Halladay, Cole Hamels & Roy Oswalt all in 1 rotation, you have 3 of the best 8 winning percentages among all active pitchers.  It is very possible to have 3 20-game winners on 1 team.  Pretty much nobody saw this coming & it’s basically a slap in the face to both the Yankees & the Rangers.  Maybe Philadelphia really is the City of brotherly love, or maybe he just really likes cheesesteaks.

Picture This!?

Posted: November 25, 2010 by amyaubrey in MLB
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If you don’t know what a New York Yankee looks like, I’ll tell you: Derek Jeter.  He has been the face of the organization since he was a wittle baby in 1996.  Not only has he been the face, but also the heart.  To the Yankees he is a priceless commodity so when it comes to his current predicament, how do you put a price on someone like him?  Jeter’s contract was up at the end of this past season so he is now a free agent.

The Yankees offered him a 3-year, $45 million contract which is generous by any measure.  That is, for those of us not great at math, $15 million a year.  Jeter thought this was not enough, however.  He made $21 million last year so it is a considerable paycut for him.  Derek, though had the worst year of his career last year & will be turning 37 this June, which in baseball terms is ancient.  He still thinks of himself as among baseball’s elite and so deserves that much money.  The Yankees have encouraged him to test the market & see how much other teams offer him, because they are confident he won’t be offered more then that.  The intangibles he has brought to the Yankees make him more valuable there then anywhere else, not to mention the unwavering love showered upon him every day by Yankee fans.  The NY Post today, however decided to give Yankee fans a bit of a heart attack with this picture…

If that God forsaken photo ever happened in real life, the man who is currently king of NY would never be allowed back there, for fear of his life.  I’m quite sure it would never happen but it’s certainly a scary thought for any Yankee fan.  When the dust settles, I do believe Derek will be back in a Yankee uniform, as will Mariano Rivera & Andy Pettitte.


Posted: November 18, 2010 by amyaubrey in MLB
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The AL Cy Young award was announced today & it is not without it’s share of criticism.  Felix Hernandez, the Seattle Mariners’ ace won the best pitcher of the year award.  Roy Halladay won the NL award unanimously & it was much deserved as he took his team to the NLCS, while pitching a perfect game & a no hitter in the same year.  Felix, though was on a last place team.

Felix never had to pitch in clutch situations to help bring his team to the playoffs.  He had nothing to lose when he pitched because those games didn’t count.  He also pitched in the AL West, which was arguably the easiest division in baseball, with only one good team.  Felix had only 13 wins on the season.  I am not taking anything away from him, because he is a great pitcher & definitely had a great year.  It’s not his fault that his team couldn’t score him any runs.  However, when you pitch in the AL East, you constantly have to pitch against stronger teams & you pitch in games that matter.  Consequently, 4 of the top 6 finishers are from the AL East.  If I had a vote, it would’ve gone to David Price #1, CC Sabathia #2, Jon Lester #3, Felix #4.  Either way, congratulations to him.

Managers of the year went to Ron Gardenhire of the Twins in the AL & Bud Black of the San Diego Padres won it in the NL.

AL Rookie of the year went to Texas Rangers’ closer Neftali Feliz & Buster Posey of the San Francisco Giants won it in the NL.

MVPs will be announced next week.

Texas Claw and Antlers

Posted: October 16, 2010 by amyaubrey in Fans, MLB, Trends
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If you’ve been watching the Texas Rangers this postseason you may have noticed some hand gestures done by the team & fans.  If you see people in the stands wearing antlers & clawing at you, do not be alarmed, we have your answers.  The claw & the antlers have become the rally cry for the Rangers this season.  The players started doing it in the beginning of the year & they wouldn’t say what they were for but anyone that watched them play on a regular basis could figure it out.  It has become a team unifying thing & makes the fans feel like they’re part of this inside joke.  They recently started selling T-shirts with these hand symbols on them & they can’t even be put on the shelves because they are selling so fast.

The Claw…

This became the symbol of strength & power, like a bear.  The claw gets displayed after a hitter safely reaches base.  When pitchers get big strikeouts, they also get the claw.

The Antlers…

The antlers represent speed & agility, like a deer.  A stolen base, stretching a base hit into extra bases or a good defensive play are all rewarded with the antlers.

This year in baseball has kind of been the end of an era.  Four of the best managers in the game (& maybe of all-time) have hung up their cleats & won’t be putting their uniforms on again anytime soon.  This year we said so long to Lou Piniella, Joe Torre, Cito Gaston & last night was Bobby Cox’s swan song.  The long-time Braves manager perfected the art of getting thrown from a baseball game (158 times to be exact), which only shows just how passionate he was about this game.  The Braves made their motto this postseason “11 for 6” meaning 11 wins to win the World Series, for #6 Bobby Cox.  Unfortunately, this wasn’t meant to be as the Giants beat the Braves in 4 games to advance to the NLCS against the Phillies.  Since they were in Atlanta, the fans called for Bobby to come out after the game, which he did & he got a great ovation from them & also from the Giants, which was a very classy move on their part.  Cox got very emotional after the game when asked how he felt & he showed us he believes in 1 important thing: there’s no crying in baseball.  When asked what he said to his players he started speaking & then took a long pause & tried to collect himself only to say that grown men don’t do this (meaning cry.)  He then went right on to change the subject & praise his starting pitcher, it was very Bobby Cox-like.  He is a legend & will most certainly be missed.

As for the rest of baseball, tonight is Game 5 of the division series against the Rangers & Rays.  Whoever wins this one will face the Yankees in the ALCS.  It’s basically a dream scenario if you’re a Yankee fan because with that series lasting only 3 games & this one going to 5, the Yankees are well-rested during the time of year when rest is very important.  It also means that no matter who wins this series, the Yankees won’t be facing the ace of the pitching staff until at least Game 3.  The Phillies & Giants will also be a hell of a series.  2 teams with phenomenal pitching.  I’m gonna make a prediction that it won’t be very high-scoring.  So hold onto your caps, it’s gonna be a wild ride.

If it wasn’t clear before, it is now beyond a shadow of a doubt: 2010 is the Year of the Pitcher.  Roy Halladay has solidified this title once again.  Last night, Doc Halladay threw his 2nd no-hitter of the year & the 6th this season.  What is more impressive then this?  His first no-hitter of the year was a perfect game & if not for 1 pitch yesterday, he would have been perfect again.  2 perfect games by the same person has never been done before & there are only a handful of players who have ever thrown 2 no-hitters, let alone in the same season.  What is even more impressive you may ask?  He threw it in the playoffs.  It is the only the 2nd no-hitter ever thrown in the postseason.  The last one was in 1956, which was a perfect game in the World Series thrown by Don Larsen.  Want to be impressed one more time?  This was Roy’s first ever playoff start.  He was the best pitcher over the longest period of time to never get to the playoffs & now when he does, he shows us why he should have been there forever.  Phillie fans are calling it Doc-tober & we couldn’t agree more.  Congratulations once again Roy!

Needless to say, Philadelphia won that game, so they now lead the Reds 1-0.  They will next play on Friday.  As for the rest of the playoffs, which certainly took a back seat yesterday to this story here you go…

Cliff Lee added to his strong playoff resume by recording 10 strikeouts in a very good outing against the Rays.  Had Roy not done what he did, Lee would likely have been the story of the day.  Texas won that one 5-1 & lead the series 1-0.  That series continues today with “Big Game” James Shields against hottie patottie CJ Wilson.

The Yankees did what they do against the Twins & came from behind to beat them 6-4 in Game 1.  In a battle of big lefties, the biggest of them all CC Sabathia came out on top.  They also continue their series tonight at Target Field in Minnesota.

The Braves & the Giants will play Game 1 tonight, with Derek Lowe starting for the Braves & Big Time Timmy Jim Lincecum for the Giants.