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In case you missed it….

Posted: June 1, 2010 by NattieLiz in MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL

So here is the quickest recap I can give you ladies of the weekend events:

1. Lakers and Celtics made it to the big show. The Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics will be headed into Game 1 of the NBA Championship this Thursday. It’s going to be a tough series so I suggest you find a bar and a buddy… it’s time to park yourself in front of that TV girls.

2. Duke wins the Lacrosse Championship over the weekend in over time. Duke defeated Notre Dame in over time in front of serious LAX fans while playing in none other than the Raven’s M&T Bank Stadium in Good Ol Baltimore Maryland. This was the boys 1st Lax Nat’l. Championship in School History. (the winning goal was scored in the 1st 5 seconds of over time… we like this)

3. UGH. Our archenemy, Ben Roethlisberger is back to Steelers practice for the rest of the summer. Oh, he’s back alright, looking skinnier and surprisingly less creepy. But the great news is that after his less than attractive behavior he is still going to be suspended for 6 games during the 2010 season.

4. The Stanley Cup Update: So Far the Chicago Blackhawks are leading the charge against the Philly Flyers in the series, 2-0. The next game is tomorrow night at 8pm.

5.And nope, Lebron hasn’t decided where he will play next year. The free agent seems to be leaning with his home town Cavs… but we have yet to see what Chicago or the Nets have ready to offer him.

6. Phillies Roy Halladay threw a perfect game over the weekend in Miami, making that the 20th perfect game in MLB history.

And ladies I think that got you all caught up! Have a great week…Remember, there are plenty of exciting games to watch this week



Posted: May 25, 2010 by amyaubrey in NHL
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The time has come the walrus said!  The entire hockey season has finally come down to 2 teams: the Philadelphia Flyers & the Chicago Blackhawks.  Chicago continued their dominance on the road & at home & swept their series in 4 games.  After just squeaking through every round of the playoffs, the Flyers sent those Canadiens back up north in 5 games.  It will be the Flyers 8th appearance in the Stanley Cup final.  Chicago hasn’t won since 1961.  Those Chicago teams just have such long droughts for their championships, so for that city’s sake I’m going Chi-town on this one.

The Stanley Cup itself was recently being paraded (or just put in one spot) around ESPN campus recently, but I unfortunately did not get a chance to see it, but here’s what all the fuss is about…

We are currently in the NHL semi-finals & are quickly getting to the Stanley Cup finals.  The Montreal Canadiens are the Cinderella story of these hockey playoffs after defeating the top 2 teams in the East: first the Washington Capitals & then the Pittsburgh Penguins.  They are currently facing off against the Philadelphia Flyers.  The Flyers beat the Bruins in 7 games in a very exciting conference semi-final series.  The Flyers currently lead that series 2-0.  They will play game 3 of the conference final tonight.

The West hasn’t been as nail-biting as the East.  The San Jose Sharks beat the Red Wings in 5 games & the Black Hawks beat the Canucks in 6.  Chicago has been great on the road, which is really the key to winning in the playoffs.  They currently lead the Sharks in that series 2 games to none.  Their Game 3 will be tomorrow.

NHL Playoffs

Posted: May 5, 2010 by amyaubrey in NHL

If hockey is what you’re looking to get into, this is also the second season for that!  Just as the NBA playoffs are the most exciting time of year for basketball, this is also the time of year to jump on the hockey bandwagon!

Hockey can be confusing with some of the terminology that they use, so here’s pretty much all you need to know.  A “Power Play” happens after a penalty so 1 team has an extra player on the ice, so this is a really good time to try to score a goal.  On the other side of that coin, the team down a player can score a “Short Hand” goal.  As far as penalties go, do you remember that band, Five for Fighting?  Well where do you think they got that name from? That’s correct, ladies, hockey!  You get a five minute penalty for fighting.

As for what’s going on right now, we are currently in the Conference Quarter-Finals.  Eight teams have already been eliminated, including the heavily favored Washington Capitals with the best player in the NHL, Alex Ovechkin.  These are best of seven series, so you’ve got to win 4 games to move on.  Just like the NBA, it’s East versus West in the Stanley Cup final.

Representing the East are…

– The Pittsburgh Penguins (with their star, Sidney “Sid The Kid” Crosby) lead the Montreal Candiens 2-1

– The Boston Bruins surprisingly lead the Philadelphia Flyers 2-0

And for the West…

– The San Antonio Sharks lead 3-0 over the Detroit Redwings

– The Chicago Blackhawks & the Vancouver Canucks are tied at 1 game apiece.  In case you’re wondering what a Canuck is, it’s a nickname for a Canadian person.  I didn’t know either.