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As you know, the NFL playoffs are in full effect.  This past weekend was the Divisional Playoffs & in the AFC it was a battle of the division rivals.  The Steelers beat the Ravens & the Jets beat the Patriots.  These 4 teams hate each other so it was certainly heated.  After the Jets-Pats game, Jets linebacker Bart Scott gave one of the greatest post game interviews ever with ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio.

Next weekend will be the League Championship games.  The Jets will take on the Steelers in the AFC & the Packers will play the Bears in the NFC.  Both should be excellent games leading up to an excellent Superbowl.


This past weekend was the start of the NFL Play offs. Here are some great photos from each of these very exciting games. We are still just about under a month from the Super Bowl… feels like FOREVER!


Seattle busted up New Orleans in a 41- 36  victory.




















The Jets and  The Colts had a dramatic finish, 17-16 when Jets kicker Nick Folk made a last-minute Field Goal.
























The Ravens dominated the The Chiefs,  30- 7


















The Eagles suffered a painful one, losing 21- 16 to Green Bay

Brett “Drama” Favre

Posted: October 11, 2010 by amyaubrey in Brett Favre, NFL, NY JETS

So as if the drama that is Brett Favre wasn’t enough for the Vikings to deal with in the pre-season, he is now apologizing for being a distraction once again during the season.  Unless you’ve been living in a hole, you have undoubtedly heard about Brett’s winky dink being shown across the internet.  He sent some photos, racy texts & voice messages to a former NY Jets female employee when he played there.  We will not be posting these photos here on this fine website, but I trust you can find there somewhere if you really want to find them (which, I mean I saw them & there was very LITTLE going on, if you get I’m saying.)  Why are these scandals always involving the Jets??  Get your acts together, will you please.  The Vikings are set to play the Jets tonight on Monday Night Football.

Being a female sports reporter is a tough job.  Women have to deal with things men never would.  Granted it’s a 2 way street, because we don’t have to deal with their problems, but the men bring those problems upon themselves.  If a girl is pretty & a sports reporter, she has to go in the locker room & deal with what is handed to her.  This is what happened recently to a Mexican TV reporter, Ines Sainz (a former Miss Spain & bikini model).  She was in the NY Jets locker room waiting for Mark Sanchez because he is of Mexican descent & has become very popular with the Mexican audience.  While in there, some of the players made comments to her that were inappropriate.  Other reporters noticed & made a big deal about it so Jets owner Woody Johnson apologized to her.  She said she didn’t think anyone acted wrong because obviously it’s something she has become accustomed to & it’s not out of the ordinary.

It takes a lot more for a woman to be taken seriously as a sports journalist then it does for a man.  People always say how “she must’ve slept her way to the top” or “she’s only there because she’s hot” or “she deserved it with that outfit on.”  In some cases I agree, that is probably true & I’ve even said those things.  FOX-5 sports reporter Andy Adler in NY, for example knows nothing about sports & her interviews with athletes are basically just her flirting with them.  She was a former entertainment reporter & I guess FOX decided they needed someone better to look at for their broadcasts so moved her to sports to boost their ratings.

Athletes & fans are always giving women reporters a hard time even though a lot of them are really good at their job.  We all heard about Erin Andrews stalker.  And even though NESN field reporter Heidi Watney is supposedly dating Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek, she knows her stuff.  Clinton Portis weighed in on the Ines Sainz situation & said “I think you put women reporters in the locker room in positions to see guys walking around naked, and you sit in the locker room with 53 guys…I know you’re doing a job, but at the same time, the same way I’m gonna cut my eye if I see somebody worth talking to, I’m sure they do the same thing.” The NFL scolded Portis on these comments, saying they are offensive but all the same, it’s probably nothing they haven’t heard before.  A few years ago, Terrell Owens wouldn’t give an interview to anyone but Ms. Sainz & this is the video. you judge for yourself…

The Losers Bracket: Darrelle Revis

Posted: August 11, 2010 by amyaubrey in NFL, NY JETS, The Losers Bracket

People often talk about the athletes of today & their selfishness.  No one fits this description better then the New York Jets cornerback Darelle Revis.  He is the best player on the Jets but instead of helping them win a SuperBowl, he hasn’t showed up at camp because he doesn’t think his current contract is enough money for him.  As a rookie, he did the same thing & didn’t show up for a month but he eventually got his money.

In his first 2 years, he made more than $22 million in guaranteed money, not including bonuses.  He has accumulated more fines now because of missing camp then most people will make in a year.  The Jets are standing strong that they will not give him more money & I don’t blame them.  Right now they are about $40 million apart in what they are offering & what he is asking for.  Revis was one of the most beloved players on the Jets last year because he performed.  Jets fans are now livid with this guy because he could cost them a chance at winning it all because he probably won’t be playing for them in 2010.  There were a lot of high hopes for that team this year but all of those hopes included Revis.  Speaking to some Jets fans they reiterated the thinking of Cleveland fans after LeBron left: burn his jersey.

HBO’s “Hard Knocks” premieres tonight & this year they are following the Jets.  I’m sure HBO is loving this, since it just so happens that this training camp is filled with lots o’ drama.  There’s no denying that Revis is an amazing player but he has got to stop yelling “Show Me the Money!”

We’re all a little depressed about summer ending & the cold weather coming in but there is always a bright side to every situation!  The glass is indeed half-full & I’d say this one is just about filled to the top because ladies, football is back!  In case you missed it, the NFL Hall of Fame inductions happened over the weekend & the big names this year were Emmitt Smith & Jerry Rice (yes, those former Dancing with the Stars contestants did play football once upon a time.)  With that comes the annual Hall of Fame game AKA the first pre-season game of the year!  We got our first look at T.O. & Chad Ochocinco on one team but there really wasn’t anything worth mentioning in their play.  The Bengals took on the Dallas Cowboys in Canton, Ohio (where the HOF is located) & the Cowboys won 16-7.


The rest of the pre-season games will begin on Thursday & stretch through the rest of the weekend.  Some notable games are the reigning Super Bowl champ Saints against the Patriots & Panthers versus Ravens on Thursday.  We will see the Vikings minus Brett Favre against the Rams on Saturday.  Also we will get the first look at the new Giants Stadium as the 2 NY teams battle in NJ as the first Monday Night Football of the pre-season.  Pre-season games really don’t count for anything but it is always fun to see your team in action to start the new year.  It also gives you your chance to trash talk as we have all missed doing ever so much!  If you want to see your starters, be sure to tune in early though, because all of the back-ups come in to get their work in by the second half.

The regular season will kick off Thursday, September 9 in what should be a great game: Vikings versus Saints in obviously their first matchup since last season’s NFC Championship game.  So get your fantasy teams ready & your jerseys on because it’s football season (almost!)

JET-Setting in Cali

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Mark Sanchez, one of our favorite NFL QB hotties, has decided to take  some of his NY Jets, across the country. Sanchez, a California native, decided to hold the “Jets West” passing camp this week in California, to get in some extra work before the Jets official camp starts.  The QB is twitter friendly, in fact that is how the name, “Jets West” was picked… he ran a contest on Twitter for the best name.

Some of the players that joined Sanchez for this West Coast romp are Dustin Keller, Santonio Holmes, David Clowney, Jerricho Cotchery and Aundrae Allison. Braylon Edwards is in Michigan to attend a family wedding but could join the group later.
All the guys have been tweeting about the hard work they are putting in at camp and the fun they have been having in sunny SoCal. The boys finished practice Monday and headed to the Home Run Derby, then Tuesday the MLB All Star Game, and tonight Sanchez will be hitting the red carpet for The ESPY Awards at the Stapler Center.

Sanchez is about to enter his second year with the Jets, wants the West Coast workouts to be an annual event. “We’re figuring out a way to get everybody out there, work on some routes and stuff….I don’t want to kill these guys,” Sanchez said. “We’ll have fun with it.”  Is there anything better than a group of men training hard by day and playing even harder by night??  Man, I really should find out where this high school is they are at… hmmmm

                                       Day 2 of Jets West Passing Camp is on and poppin!!! @DustinKeller81
Jets West Campers have been putting in wrk. Here’s @DavidClowney, @Santonio10 & Aundrae.
Hanging at the All Star Game. Having fun w/ the guys from @Pepsi. AL up 1 to 0.
Coolin dwn in the ice tubs after throwing session. Nxt stop, wrkout w/ my trainer @Todd_Norman at Cutting Edge