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The Real Life JC’s

Posted: January 11, 2011 by NattieLiz in Dating, NBA, NFL, OchoCinco, Uncategorized

First I think its important that we once again state- if we haven’t before- the name of this blog is a play on words!  It’s a joke because haters (aka guys) would call us “Jersey Chasers” because we could out talk them in sports… but in real life are goal is by NO means to get wifed up to Pro athletes. I think that should be stated, the name is a pun. With that said, there are some gals out there that do love them some Jersey wearing Hotties (and sadly, even some not so hotties).

Kim K…From Bush, to rumored Christiano Ronaldo, to confirmed Austin, to now… drum roll please!!….. New Jersey Net: Kris Humphries! Maybe sister Khloe finally let her in on the secret to drop the football players and move onto basketball. That tall K-Dash even has a new reality show coming out with her hubby! Way to capitalize girl! We likes! (Just watch out for that “Newlyweds” break up curse)










Up Next is our very funny friend, Mr. Chad OchoCinco. He has confirmed his engagement to Evelyn Lozada. If you have ever checked out an episode of Basketball wives (aka Basketball Ex girl friends) you have seen this passionate drama queen in action. But Congrats! You can’t help who you love.

And since this site does cater to women… let’s just take a look at her 10-Carat engagement ring:

Once again… We Likes!

[photo creds: AP, NY daily]


The T. Ocho Show

Posted: October 6, 2010 by NattieLiz in Fans, NFL, OchoCinco, Terrell Owens
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As if we just couldn’t get enough of Batman and Robin, Shrek and Donkey… They are back, with yet another TV show to showcase their over the top opinions and personalities. “The T. Ocho Show” (creative name right?….Not) will air on Versus starting October 12, 2010.  The show will be a 30 minute discussion of news in the NFL and pop culture, moderated by none other than our favorite Entertainment Tonight Anchor, Kevin Frazier.

If anything this will be entertaining to watch because neither of these guys has a filter, Chad Ochocinco even admitted, “VERSUS is taking a big risk giving us this show. It’s gonna be dangerous. Watch with care.”

Tune in: Versus, October 12, 10:30 ET

We’re all a little depressed about summer ending & the cold weather coming in but there is always a bright side to every situation!  The glass is indeed half-full & I’d say this one is just about filled to the top because ladies, football is back!  In case you missed it, the NFL Hall of Fame inductions happened over the weekend & the big names this year were Emmitt Smith & Jerry Rice (yes, those former Dancing with the Stars contestants did play football once upon a time.)  With that comes the annual Hall of Fame game AKA the first pre-season game of the year!  We got our first look at T.O. & Chad Ochocinco on one team but there really wasn’t anything worth mentioning in their play.  The Bengals took on the Dallas Cowboys in Canton, Ohio (where the HOF is located) & the Cowboys won 16-7.


The rest of the pre-season games will begin on Thursday & stretch through the rest of the weekend.  Some notable games are the reigning Super Bowl champ Saints against the Patriots & Panthers versus Ravens on Thursday.  We will see the Vikings minus Brett Favre against the Rams on Saturday.  Also we will get the first look at the new Giants Stadium as the 2 NY teams battle in NJ as the first Monday Night Football of the pre-season.  Pre-season games really don’t count for anything but it is always fun to see your team in action to start the new year.  It also gives you your chance to trash talk as we have all missed doing ever so much!  If you want to see your starters, be sure to tune in early though, because all of the back-ups come in to get their work in by the second half.

The regular season will kick off Thursday, September 9 in what should be a great game: Vikings versus Saints in obviously their first matchup since last season’s NFC Championship game.  So get your fantasy teams ready & your jerseys on because it’s football season (almost!)

Shrek and Donkey

Posted: July 30, 2010 by NattieLiz in NFL, OchoCinco, Terrell Owens
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So at this point, if you haven’t heard that our boy T.O. has signed with the Bengals, then 1. we let you down, or 2. you live under a rock. And well, I would like to def take the latter. Terrell Owens has signed a deal with the Cincinnati Bengals which happens to be the home of another out spoken receiver, Ocho Cinco.  Oh yes ladies, the hotties of the back to back VH1 reality shows will now be frolicking on the same team this year. We can all expect this upcoming season to be quite the spectacle on and off the field.

The addition of T.O. means that Carson Palmer will not only have one, but two future hall of fame receivers to launch the ball to. Owens arrived today in Cincinnati to sign his contract and make the deal official. Owens managed to get himself a $2 million salary, with a chance to make another $2 million in bonuses. Owens could earn $333,000 each for passing the following milestones: 60 catches, 100 catches, 900 receiving yards, 1,300 receiving yards, 10 touchdowns and 14 touchdowns, (Via ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter).

The media has been all over this story, but our favorite place to get news is, well of course Twitter. “The Ultimate Catch” himself and Mr. Owens have already started to embrace the idea of being the next has Dynamic Duo:

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