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What Every Good Tailgate Needs…

Posted: October 13, 2010 by amyaubrey in Fans, Tailgating

If you’re lucky enough, you will be going to a tailgate at a football game sometime soon.  It’s poor manners to arrive at a tailgate empty-handed so you’re probably wondering what you should bring.  Most tailgates that you attend will have lots of food, alcohol & the basic necessities.  One thing that there will never be enough of is jello shots!  If you show up with a bunch of those little cups full of alcoholic deliciousness, your arrival will be celebrated.  They are easy enough to make plus they are a great way to show your team spirit.  You will want to make sure you prepare them the night before, though or else they will never be ready in time.  If you’ve never made them before, here is a quick & easy recipe…

What you will need:

2 (or more) packets of Jello in your favorite team colors…Dixie Cups…Vodka…Water…a cooler…& if you’re feeling really ambitious, some whipped cream (but this is not necessary but can be some added fun.)

How to make them:

Here’s the obvious 1: look at the instructions on the side of the Jello box.  Mix the amount of hot water that it says to add to the mix depending on how many packets you’re using.  Then use your judgment, if you want strong shots, instead of the cold water, add all vodka.  Add as much or as little as you want, but I think if you ask most people, the stronger the better.  Pour the mix into your cups & put them in the fridge overnight.  Make taking them out of the fridge the last thing you do before you leave so that way they can stay cold longer.  The last step is to enjoy your tailgate!


LSU: Tailgate Champions

Posted: August 10, 2010 by NattieLiz in LSU Tigers, Tailgating
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Every one knows the best part of college football and well, the NFL as well– Is a good old fashion TAILGATE. I have been blessed enough to experience tailgating at Boulder, U Miami, UCLA, USC, Purdue, and Arizona State. They were all pretty similar, but I decided to dig a little deeper, because I wanted to know who had THEE BEST Tailgate. After doing some reading, I discovered that LSU ranked in the Top 3 every time.  I know things are done a little bit different in the South, so let’s see what makes LSU’s tailgating such a monumental experience!

Reason #5: The average tailgater, drives to the game, unpacks the BBQ and gets down to business. Well at LSU, some one decided that was too many steps: 

This tailgate mobile has a barbecue pit under the suicide hod, and inside has a kegarator. GENIUS!! 

Reason #4: T. U. B. Aka The Unsupervised BUS A group of tailgaters that got their name by going to games with out their significant others– literally making them: Unsupervised. The crew started to grow over the years and they decided to buy the Ultimate LSU party Mobile: A 1982 School Bus.

Check it out:

Reason #3: True Fans!! According to Tailgater Monthly (and yes such a publication does exist) The Tailgaters start filling in around Wednesday and the better spots will run upwards of $500 for the season.

Reason #2: You cant tailgate with out booze! These Crazy Cajuns bring enough beer to fill up the stadium! and the best part is that the majority of LSU home games start in the evening making the scene chaotic by kickoff. I mean, doesn’t this look like a great girls trip?

Reason #1: THE FOOD!!!  Tons and tons of Southern Deliciousness!  Gumbo and Jambalaya at a Tailgate?? YES! This is not your average burgers and dogs kind of venue.  Gumbo is basically a soup-like dish that includes a variety of different creole spices mixed with different types of seafood like shrimp, crawfish, fish and can be filled with chicken, rice, sausage, peppers, and tomatoes. I feel like every Saturday in Fall is a mini Mardi Gras for Tiger Fans… and for that, I am SUPER JEALOUS!

I’m gonna let these fellow JC’s take it from here… Catchy lil cheer I must say: