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Yes, if you have been missing thee ol’ college pig skin, have no fear!  you have spring games coming up!  Most of the time practices are open to fans and the game is a chance to come out and see what the team looks like going into summer! This might get you through until Fall…then we can start chomping at the bit to see the boys get down and dirty in 2011~ Here is your 2011 Spring Game Schedule!

Big East

CINCINNATI -Spring game: April 16

CONNECTICUT-Spring game: April 16

LOUISVILLE – Spring game: April 15

PITTSBURGH -Spring game: April 17

RUTGERS -Spring game: April 30

SOUTH FLORIDA -Spring game: April 2

SYRACUSE -Spring game: April 16

WEST VIRGINIA -Spring game: April 29

Big 12

BAYLOR -Spring game: April 2

IOWA STATE -Spring game: April 16

KANSAS -Spring game: April 30

KANSAS STATE -Spring game: April 30

MISSOURI -Spring game: April 16

OKLAHOMA – Spring game: April 16

OKLAHOMA STATE -Spring game: April 16

TEXAS -Spring game: April 3

TEXAS A&M -Spring game: April 16

TEXAS TECH -Spring game: March 26


BOSTON COLLEGE -Spring game: April 16

CLEMSON – Spring game: April 9

DUKE – Spring game: March 26

FLORIDA STATE -Spring game: April 16

GEORGIA TECH – Spring game: April 24

MARYLAND -Spring game: April 30

MIAMI -Spring game: April 16

NORTH CAROLINA -Spring game: April 9

NORTH CAROLINA STATE -Spring game: April 16

VIRGINIA -Spring game: April 2

VIRGINIA TECH -Spring game: April 23

WAKE FOREST -Spring game: April 16

Big Ten

ILLINOIS – Spring game: April 23

INDIANA -Spring game: April 16

IOWA -Spring game: April 16

MICHIGAN -Spring game: April 16

MICHIGAN STATE -Spring game: April 30

MINNESOTA -Spring game: April 23

NEBRASKA -Spring game: April 16

NORTHWESTERN -Spring game: April 16

OHIO STATE -Spring game: April 23

PENN STATE -Spring game: April 16

PURDUE -Spring game: April 9

WISCONSIN -Spring game: April 23


ALABAMA -Spring game: April 16

ARKANSAS -Spring game: April 16

AUBURN =Spring game: April 16.

FLORIDA =Spring game: April 9

GEORGIA -Spring game: April 16

KENTUCKY -Spring game: April 23

LSU -Spring game: April 9

MISSISSIPPI STATE -Spring game: April 9

OLE MISS -Spring game: April 16

SOUTH CAROLINA -Spring game: April 9

TENNESSEE -Spring game: April 16

VANDERBILT -Spring game: April 17


ARIZONA STATE -Spring game: April 23

CALIFORNIA -Spring game: April 24

COLORADO -Spring game: April 9

OREGON -Spring game: April 30

OREGON STATE -Spring game: April 30

STANFORD -Spring game: April 9

UCLA -Spring game: April 23

USC -Spring game: April 23

UTAH -Spring game: April 16

WASHINGTON -Spring game: April 30

WASHINGTON STATE -Spring game: April 16


TCU -Spring game: April 2

Boise State -Spring game: April 16


I have been super sick the last 4 days, but I will admit these are a few things in the news that our team has let you down on. But better late than never right!? Let’s Play Catch up!

1. Al Golden Hired as the new University of Miami Head Coach:

2. Cam Newton wins the Heisman:

3. Iowa admit flaws and inconsistencies in drug testing procedures:

Via CBS SPORTS: Gary Barta, Iowa Athletic Director said Tuesday that the school is reviewing its drug testing policies in the wake of Derrell Johnson-Koulianos’s arrest and suspension last week on charges including possession of controlled substances, including cocaine and marijuana.  At a hastily called news conference that athletic department officials found some “flaws and inconsistencies” in the policies — and that some athletes have likely beaten tests in the past. “We did find pretty strong evidence that there a couple ways that our student-athletes probably have and most likely have, at some point, gotten around the test,” Barta said. “It’s almost become a cottage industry around the country; ‘How do you beat a test?’ And it’s something that we have to be constantly on top of.”

….And now at least you can be semi caught up! sorry about that gals!

A Real Class Act

Posted: December 7, 2010 by NattieLiz in coaches, NCAA Football, Notre Dame, University of Miami

As you all may know, the girls and I are proud University of Miami Grads. Our head coach maybe gone, but he left a mark on his players and the UM football program. This week some of the players have been visited by Santa Shannon. Many players have found Miami postcards in their lockers with personal letters from their ex head coach.

“It was the nicest thing he ever said to me since I’ve been here,” senior left tackle Orlando Franklin said Monday. “He was just telling me to keep my head up and don’t get sidetracked”.

Senior cornerback Ryan Hill also got a letter, and was equally touched. He said he has talked to “probably 20” players who got the notes. He is almost positive that other players had also gotten them. Shannon’s message to Hill read something like this:  “Just keep working. Keep going, keep pushing, you’re going to have a great career. [He said] it was fun and that he loves me”.
These letters show a compassionate side of the coach that got them to this upcoming bowl game, but will not be there to coach them to victory. Many of the players expressed the feelings that Shannon may feel like he let them all down, but that is far from the case. Hill wants his coach to know, “‘Hey listen, you didn’t let anybody down. If anything, you put us in a better position to better ourselves.”
The Canes are preparing to take on the Fighting Irish on New years Eve in the Sun Bowl. Tickets to the Hyundai Sun Bowl in El Paso, Tx are officially sold out! The interim coach, Jeff Stoutland, will be coaching the Hurricanes for the remainder of this post season as the search for a new head coach continues. Hopefully they find someone with similar values to keep these boys on the right track, Stay Classy Randy Shannon, Stay classy.
Via Miami Herald

Tough Loss: Randy Shannon

Posted: November 29, 2010 by NattieLiz in coaches, Fans, NCAA Football, University of Miami

Well apparently losing to USF was the last draw for the Miami Fans. Randy Shannon just had to go. On saturday night there was an emergency meeting called by University President Donna Shalala, Director of Athletics Kirby Hocutt, and the board of trustees to determine the fate of head football coach, Randy Shannon.

It was decided that after a 28-22 record over his four seasons, Randy Shannon just wasn’t winning enough games, and was fired that night. Some people argue that this was a bad choice because they need to close the recruiting year with a solid head coach. No kid wants to come to a school and not know who their head coach is going to be that season. It looks like Miami will be starting over, again.

There is one thing to remember in all of this, Shannon was brought in to clean up the Miami program and put it back on the road to a championship and he did just that. He came in and cleaned up the program, played the role of tough disciplinarian and graduated more players than any other coach before him. That is something to be very proud of and Miami fans should be grateful that Shannon was there to lay a new foundation. In a press conference yesterday Coach Shannon had this to say,””I am proud of the last four years at the University of Miami. I have a deep respect and appreciation for the young men who have played here during my tenure.” I think it is safe to say that “The State of Miami” also has respect for the effort and work Randy Shannon put into the school and football program.

Players were emotional on sunday morning and vowed to win a bowl game in honor of Shannon. Quarterback, Jacory Harris had this to say about his coach, “It was very emotional, Coach Shannon is somebody, like I said, that’s a father figure. When you lose your father, of course you’re going to be emotional.”


We are sadly coming to the final weeks of the college football season. It’s been a season riddled with injury, Especially at the key QB position. So in these last weeks if you are looking for your starting Quarter Back from September, you might be better off looking on the sidelines for the guy in sweats and a fitted cap. But don’t focus on him too long, because there is some one on the field doing his job, and sometimes… even better!

BYU QB: Riley Nelson only made it to September 21st as the Cougars starting Quarter Back due to an injury to his right shoulder leaving him out for 4 – 5 months.. aka the rest of the season. This left the job up to Freshman Jake Heaps, who ultimately was the squads most experienced QB. The Cougars are now 5-5.

UCLA QB Richard Brehaut: Kevin Prince the anticipated starting quarter back for UCLA was hunkered up mid-season with a meniscus tear in his knee. As soon as Prince was scheduled for surgery in came freshman Richard Brehaut (pronounced Bre-HO.. or affectionately known by his team mates as Bre- Bro). Bre-Bo has shown some surprising capability at the position.  Last week Oregon State got a pass rush against UCLA but Brehaut didn’t stay in the pocket to see it happen too often. Brehaut showed great improvisational skills which was especially true in third down situations. This Thursday the Bruins take on Washington.. Keep an eye out for this kid and his quick thinking shovel passes!

Notre Dame QB Tommy Rees: Dayne Crist started off having a pretty good season…ND always has its ups and downs, but off of summer training Crist came in looking pretty solid. That is until he ruptured his patella tendon in the game against Tulsa. The previous year it was his right, and this year it is his left. That’s some tough luck there, you can’t help but feel bad for these boys. Now freshman Tommy Rees has taken over, with Nate Montana being his back up. Which in our next series of injuries we learn, the back up back up might actually get some play, sooner than later. Enter: The Purdue Boilermakers.

Purdue QB Rob Henry: Robert Marve was the highly anticipated starting QB for the Purdue Boilermakers. It seems that anticipation only got Boiler Nation to its 4th game, in which Marve once again re tore his ACL in the first quarter. A huge blow to a team riddled with injuries. Rob Henry the red shirt freshman would take over from there.. and take over he did.. until he too was struck with injury. Enter Justin Siller…long story here, but he was the QB, but then had to go to a JC to fix his grades, and come back the following year. The Boilermakers alternated QB’s last week against Michigan, resulting in both still being injured and Siller worse off than before. We pray they get this together for the last 2 games and end the season on a high note.

Miami QB Stephen Morris: Jacory Harris is by all accounts the starting quarter back for the UM Canes. He received a hard blow at Virginia on Oct 30th and was forced to sit out 2 games. Many Miami fans would point to Harris as being a pretty inconsistent QB that throws his fair share of interceptions and isn’t very good at seeing the lateral pass rush… but that’s neither here nor there. The kid had a concussion, so in came freshman back up, Stephen Morris. Stephen Morris started winning games, 2 fairly consistently with minor mistakes.  Jacory Harris is recovered but now fans, students, and team mates are chanting: Stephen Morris. What is Randy Shannon to do?? Who really is the better starter? Harris has seniority but Morris is clutch, he has a good track record so far and a very strong-arm. But from the beginning the job was rightfully given to Harris, and now he’s back ready to take his #1 spot. tough call. But then again, this all has to come to fruition when Harris is completely cleared by medical to play VT this weekend, which is still pending.


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It was announced today that the Miami Hurricanes Football team must deactivate their twitter accounts by 2:30pm ET.  The Miami football program has requested this of its players as an attempt to limit distractions and start to focus. It is almost no surprise that this comes right after the horrible 36-24 lose to Ohio State over the weekend. Jacory Harris or @JacoryHarris12 threw four interceptions during the OSU game. Let’s see how he does  this weekend when he can’t tweet us his Raiders over-alls.

The bigger question here: Is this a new trend in College sports?? How distracting is Social Networking… turning normal kids and athletes into local celebrities.

Rematch Revenge

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Fiesta Bowl: The championship game of the 2002 season: Miami v. Ohio State. Miami loses, from a pass interference play known solely as,”The Call”.

In the first over time of an already nail-biting game, it appeared that Ohio State had lost. It came down to a 4th down pass from Craig Krenzel that bounced off the hands of Chris Gamble in the end zone. The Miami crowd went wild, until the ref threw a late flag and called pass interference on Miami’s Glen Sharpe. OSU scored and won in the 2nd over time.

This Saturday’s game will be the first time since that show down: Miami and OSU will finally meet again. Revenge is in the air. Miami players and fans alike are more than excited to travel to Columbus this weekend and get sweet revenge on the Buckeyes. All of the current players of both teams were in highschool when this game went down, but that doesn’t change the meaning of this weekends match up. All the NFL vets that worked out with the Hurricanes this summer emphasized one thing and one thing only: You must beat Ohio State. 

Cornerback Brandon Harris said Jonathan Vilma, Andre Johnson and Ed Reed all spoke about the importance of winning this game, “A lot of them, they’re going to live their dreams through us this week. They realize they can’t go out there and play them again, but we have the opportunity to take them down”. It’s going to be a great game to watch, if not THEE game to check out this weekend.


 The Twitter trending topic stands as #beatOhioState

Saturday 12:40 PT and 3:40 EST….. #gitready