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OOooo LA Landon!!

Posted: August 2, 2010 by NattieLiz in Fans, Uncategorized, USA, World Cup

Hey Ladies!

I had a great opportunity to watch Landon Donovan create new moves for the EA Fifa World Cup 2010 video Game. I tagged along with the boss man to get a few little clips for you on my flip…please don’t expect excellence! this was a last-minute thing… and This is an OLD video that I came across… the Vanity Fair is super old, but still worth the mention! it’s filled  with the Hot Men from this year’s World Cup!! its worth it for the pure eye candy!! Enjoy!

Natalie, JC extraordinaire


In Case You Missed it…

Posted: June 27, 2010 by amyaubrey in MLB, Soccer, USA, World Cup

A few things have happened this weekend in the sports world so in case you missed it, here they are…

The 4th (5th*) no-hitter this season was thrown on Friday.  Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Edwin Jackson added onto 2010 being the year of the pitcher.  It’s the 2nd no-hitter this year thrown against the Rays, which is no small feat considering they are a very good team.  Jackson threw 149 pitches, which is the most in the majors in 5 years.  He also had 8 walks, which without fact checking, I’d say that’s the most ever in a no-hitter but double check that before you go blabbing it around.

The Yankees & Dodgers played each other for the first time since Joe Torre left the Yankees & began managing the Dodgers.  Friday was the first time that Torre had to get the sinking feeling that manager’s get when the opposing team brings in Mariano Rivera.  It was the first time he ever had to hope Derek Jeter & Jorge Posada didn’t get a hit.  He & Joe Girardi hugged each other & posed for pictures when they brought the lineup cards to the umpire.  It wasn’t without controversy because since his book came out, he & Alex Rodriguez haven’t been on the best of terms & they didn’t speak to each other Friday.

Ghana ended the US soccer team’s glorious run at the World Cup.  Ghana took an early 1-0 lead but the US was once again able to come from behind with a penalty kick from Landon Donovan.  The game went into overtime tied 1-1 & Ghana once again took the lead early in extra time.  Did the US have it in them once again to come from behind and win this one?  No we did not.  All of our luck unfortunately ran out.

The World Reaction

Posted: June 24, 2010 by NattieLiz in Soccer, USA, World Cup

On Wednesday morning, history was made at the World Cup. The USA was dueling it out with Algeria, and nothing seemed to be panning out for either team.  For those of us that watched this game, it was tension filled, and almost painful to watch as shot after shot attempt did not come up successful…that is, until the 91st minute of the game. With only 4 minutes remaining Landon Donovan scored a game winning goal for the US .

Landon’s goal was one of the most exciting moments in sports, and over 300 million people around the world watched the drama unfold in South Africa. This video is a great glimpse at USA fans from around the world, and their reaction to Donovan’s game winning goal.

U-S-A!! Let’s Go!!  Next Game is Saturday, against Ghana at 2:30pm Eastern.

Ps. great stuff around 3:40

U-S-A! U-S-A!

Posted: June 23, 2010 by amyaubrey in Soccer, USA, World Cup

Today was the last day of the group stage for the USA.  In order to move on we either needed to win or draw & England to lose or draw.  The games on the last day are played simultaneously so when England scored a goal against Slovenia, everybody knew what had to be done.  The US had a lot of chances & they looked like the much better team against Algeria but the goals were just not going in.  One did go in but it was called back because the refs said he was offsides (it didn’t appear that he was though.)  If we didn’t advance, it would most certainly be because of 2 VERY bad calls by the refs in this game & the last one.

The England game was finished & our game was entering extra time with the score still tied at zero.  Full time is 90 minutes & we were given 4 extra minutes (this is because of any time the game stops but the clock keeps going.)  It was do or die time; win or go home.  Landon Donovan got the break away & passed it to Jozy Altidore who went for the goal, which was deflected by the Algerian keeper.  Donovan was right there for the rebound & put it in to give the US the lead with less then 3 minutes to play.  It was like one of those Hollywood sports movies where the good guys come through in the end, except this was real life.  It was so dramatic & amazing that it might be exactly the kind of thing that makes the US love soccer as much as the rest of the world does.  We will next play the runner-up in Group D on Saturday at 2:30 so get on your red, white & blue & cheer on your country!

Why We Love: Carlos Bocanegra

Posted: June 20, 2010 by NattieLiz in Carlos Bocanegra, Soccer, USA, World Cup

10. We are all suffering from World Cup fever and he is one of USA’s Team Captains. Whats not to love about that?

9. In his first pro season with the Chicago Fire, he was named the leagues “Rookie of the Year”.

8. For the last 10 years, the California native has held the Carlos Bocanegra kids soccer Camp. The camp features members of the U.S. National team and is held every year after Christmas.

7. As a LA girl I have to mention that he is a UCLA Bruin! Graduated in 1999, and was a History Major…Closet nerd hottie… we like this!

6. After getting his game on in the MLS, he moved over to Fulham, an English Football Club. But is currently in the Rennes Club located in France. oooo La la

5. He is our captain for a reason. He’s been described as having great strength and deceptive speed with a powerful aerial presence. He is adept at both heading away attacks and finishing off set pieces on the opposite end of the field. Bocanegra plays as either a left back or in the centre.

4. Bocanegra was one of the best defenders in Major League Soccer, becoming the first player to be named MLS Defender of the Year twice, doing so in 2002 and 2003.

3. He’s not too cool to have a Facebook Page:

2.  A few things you might not know about Mr. Bocanegra: his Hidden off-field talent: I’m a Rock Band superstar. World Cup pregame pump-up song: “America’s Sweetheart,” by Fall Out Boy. That one pumps me up. I also like that new Usher tune at the moment [“OMG”]. Relationship status: My girlfriend isn’t into soccer that much, but she’s learning. (compliments of Interview Magazine)


Highway Robbery

Posted: June 19, 2010 by NattieLiz in USA, World Cup

The USA played their second game of the World Cup on Friday, against Slovenia. It was one of the toughest and most exciting soccer games of the World Cup so far. USA let in another early goal and found themselves at a 2 point deficit going into the half. With the score at 2-0, in the second half the USA were able to tie it up with huge plays from Donovan, Altidore, and Bradley. But it was a USA free kick in the 85th minute that will forever go down in history.

The USA scored their 3rd goal on a free kick, that was then revoked, due to a phantom “foul” called on our own Maurice Edu. After watching the replay, no one: not a player, an analysis, a coach, a fan, NO ONE, could find the foul that referee, Koman Coulibaly, supposedly saw. The most ironic part is that all the replays showed no offside and all the fouling was actually committed by Slovenia.

It was clear from post game interviews that all the players felt they had been robbed. USA star, Landon Donovan, was like all of us here, left in a state of disbelief, “It’s too bad because I think that was a fair goal. I saw a good finish and a good goal. He wouldn’t tell us what the call was.

It’s unfortunate, especially with no clear explanation on why the call was made. But we’ll get ’em next time boys! – Stay up!

Get Well Soon!…Real Soon

Posted: June 13, 2010 by NattieLiz in USA, World Cup

On Saturday, USA battled it out with England in their first World Cup game this year. The match resulted in a 1-1 draw.  The game was intense, heated, and riddled with injuries. One of the most crucial, being that of US Goalkeeper, Tim Howard.

England’s Emile Heskey slid right into Howard’s chest during  goal attempt, and Howard was left in pure agony for a few minutes before he was able to play again. During the game’s half Howard was given a cortisone shot and came out dominating the rest of the 2nd half. He was the man of the game, but his condition for next game is still in question.

The US plays Slovenia this Friday, and it is still uncertain if Howard has a broken rib or a less severe injury. He will have an extensive evaluation later today, which will include X-rays. As one of the world’s most elite goalkeepers he is a crucial part of the US advancing in the tournament.