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Weekly Workout: Intensity

Posted: December 8, 2010 by NattieLiz in Weekly Workout

It’s about that time! Weekly Workout Wednesday!

Today we are going to focus on adding some intensity to your average indoor work out. Many of us get caught in doing the same routines at the gym. The moves we know, the amount of running that we are comfortable with, and often time working the same muscles groups. This can not only get old fast but it also does not heed the results you probably want. Variety is the spice of life!  but if you don’t have  chance to learn or create a new gym routine, all you have to is AMP UP your old one.

Nike women Gives us some great tips on adding intensity to any work out! Go ahead and try these tips next time and give,give, give it all you GOT!

1. No rest for the wicked.
The shorter you rest in between exercises, the tougher those exercises get. If your usual rest time is a minute and a half in between sprints or push-ups or step-ups, take it down to a minute and you will notice your second and third set feeling a whole lot harder.
2. It’s all about leverage.
For exercises like planks and push-ups, use a raised platform like a bench or stair to increase or decrease the difficulty. For example, if you do a plank or push-up with your hands on a bench and your feet on the ground, it will feel much easier as most of your weight will be on your feet rather than on your arms. If you reverse that so your arms are on the ground and your feet are on the bench it will feel much harder as the bulk of your weight will be on the muscles doing the exercises.
3. Use unstable surfaces.
Want to really up the intensity? Use unstable surfaces like swings, sand, hobby horses or anything else you can find. When you try a plank with your hands on a swing, for instance, you are forced to recruit additional core strength just to hold yourself steady. Or if you can find a swing low enough, try a one-legged hip raise with your leg on the swing. You’ll definitely feel it the next day. Even doing your regular exercises on the beach will take the intensity up a notch. However, take it slow, be smart and always remember to stay safe. Keep the bulk of your weight on the ground until you get the hang of it.
4. Feel the need for speed.
Another way to increase the difficulty of a standard workout is to pick up the pace. Do your normal routine, only 10% faster and you will be surprised how much tougher it gets. Or you could add a 20 second sprint in between each set to get your heart rate up and burn extra calories.
5. One more for the road.
The last technique is simple enough. If whatever you’re doing isn’t enough, do more. So if you’re doing three sets of push-ups with 15 reps per set, try doing 20 push-ups per set or adding a fourth set of 15. Even just adding one extra per exercise will help build your strength and endurance.
Via Nike Women: Training Club

Weekly Workout: LONG LEAN LEGS

Posted: December 1, 2010 by NattieLiz in Weekly Workout

So last night I think the entire nation must have tuned into the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. I’m still not sure where the actual “fashion” was, but lets face it- It’s inspiring. I saw tons of tweets from people who wanted to go for a run after they watched!  The truth is, they are about 2% of the population and we don’t have to look like models, but we all have an obligation to be STRONG women! No matter what your size or fitness level, it’s always 100% OK to STRUT your stuff.

Plyometrics is the perfect way to blast fat and sculpt your legs. (i actually hate plyo work, for the sole reason that it burns! but holy Hannah does it WORK!).  Plyo is all about dynamic moves – jumping and leaping- that sculpt your muscles quickly.

Here is a perfect leg work out to help you get those lean legs and tight ass that will help you get in those shorts this spring. Don’t be fooled by the cold, it’s going to be April before you know it!

Here is the link:

It also has a link that allows you to down load this work out to your iPOD! now there are no excuses!

Make sure you follow the beginners instructions if you are new to these moves: “For two weeks, do the workout once a week, then increase to twice a week. Start with one set of 10 reps of each exercise, then add one set of each exercise weekly until you reach the max: three sets of 10 reps twice a week. Finish each session with the two kink-busting stretches.”

Via Women’s Health

Weekly Workout: Kettlebell Training

Posted: November 23, 2010 by NattieLiz in Weekly Workout

Recently I have started to study for my personal trainers test and I thought what better way to keep up my skills then to share what I am learning with you all!  So every week, we are going to have a weekly work out feature. Simple moves to advanced depending on what level of fitness and athleticism you are at. This week was all about kettlebell workouts with my trainer, because she swears by it. There are plenty of athletes from NFL pros to Olympians that have found a new challenge and edge from Kettlebell work outs. Just look at hottie Lance right here!

The following link will give you not only an explanation of why it works, but has a printable work out and a video to guide you. Give it a shot! Cheers to getting RIPPED And SEXY right before you put on the new years eve sparkle dress! 🙂