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Date Night: Minor League Baseball

Posted: June 23, 2010 by amyaubrey in Dating, MLB

It’s the warmest time of year, which means it’s time for some Minor League baseball!  Why is this exciting?  Soooo many reasons.  If you’re tired of doing the same old thing with your guy, this is an excellent suggestion.  You can find Minor League teams everywhere.  Not only would you look amazingly cool by suggesting you go to a baseball game, but you also get the added pleasure of being given the free pass to look at hot guys run around in tight pants. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Most Minor League teams are affiliated with Major League teams, so there’s a lot of potential for them to eventually be on your favorite team.  As a native Staten-Islander, we have the Staten Island Yankees so I’ve been to many a game there & interned with them for a summer.  While I worked there, I had to drive the players to & from the stadium & 3 of those players have now made it to the big leagues.  So, before you go on your date, you should go do a wee bit of research, to look extra incredible.  A lot of the teams’ websites have “Alumni” sections that tell you which players have played there & are now on Major League rosters, so find one big name & you’re good to go.

Another perk about Minor League baseball? Stadiums are smaller & tickets are cheaper.  You usually can’t find a bad seat in the house & can find tickets sometimes for about $5 each.  They always have promotions to try to get people to come to games & a common one throughout the leagues is Fireworks Fridays.  You can curl up with your guy, watch fireworks & baseball all for a grand total of $10.  What’s better then that?